Premier Art Fair during ART BASEL Hong Kong Week, 24 - 26 March 2017

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Premier Art Fair during ART BASEL Hong Kong Week, 24 - 26 March 2017

281 Gloucester Road
Hong Kong
March 17th - March 17th



during Art Basel Hong Kong

24-26 March 2017

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Curated Exhibition

  Western and Chinese Memory Culture

A short cab ride from the Hong Kong Convention Centre, where Art Basel Hong Kong is located, the satellite art show PREMIER ART FAIR Hong Kong, takes place at the Central Harbourfront with more than 50 exhibitors, presenting emerging and established artists from Asia and around the world. The success of Art Basel has enhanced Hong Kong‘s status as a world arts center.

PREMIER ART FAIR, Hong Kong’s contemporary art fair, will be held from March 24rd to 26th 2017 at the luxury destination Mandarin Excelsior Hotel Hong Kong, located at Causeway Bay, known as the hot place of shopping, entertainment and restaurants. PREMIER ART FAIR adds a fresh dimension to Hong Kong Art Week and will engange all, from Mandarin Excelsior hotel residents and business partners, as well as international collectors and buyers.

The Director of the Gallery AHC Projects, Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, is invited to curate a group show with international visual artists: Asta Caplan, Marissa Calbet, CUI Yi, Annette Kunow, Jörg Plickat, Sandra Schawalder and Inna Timokhina. About her concept and intention, the German based curator and art historian explains: „The show comprises the works of uprising artists, connected by a shared interest exploring the form and space, the role of perception and the innovative use of materials and technology to create meaningful artworks.“


CUI Yi, born in 1990, Jiangsu Province, China, holds a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou. About her work CUI Yi explains: „Different than in Western Culture, China has lost big part of his memory culture in the process of urbanization and economic development. The result is that in the better developed cities all over China, the older urban structures are almost everywhere destroyed. So it is so difficult to localize the personal memories. I work with the concrete and iron parts from the destroyed houses in the demolished area as readymades in this series. From this, I built my abstract houses of memories, struggling images of the plants and beds as symbolized metaphor, that try to suck the personal memories from the demolished rests material of our life environment. My theme is to transfer the reality into a poetic expression, and the finding of the personal identity without existing places of memories.“


Copyright CUI Yi, Installation, The rest, the last, I’m present (series 2), Concrete and Iron, 2016


Marissa Calbet, born in Reus (Spain), is living and working in Cambrils. The artist is represented by Gallery Marion Stoeter in Hamburg, Germany. Marissa Calbet who has been awarded with the Florence Biennale First Prize in 2015, is talking about her concept: "Our life is full of magic moments. It is my intention to capture and express these moments with colors on canvas, so that the audience can also participate. Finally the viewer is invited to feel the inner freedom in such an overwhelming dimension."


Copyrights Marissa Calbet, Cherry Trees Far Away, Oil on Canvas, 80 x 40 cm


Asta Caplan born in Finland, is living and working in Berlin. She holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland. Asta Caplan: „In my artworks, I’m trying to capture the overwhelming beauty I perceive, motivated by the curiosity and compelling urge of making it accessible to the viewer. The miracle I’m trying to perform with my paintings, pushes the boundaries of human memory and seeing. The communication within the images is a secret beyond words or verbal objective expression. I’m only able to make assumptions. With an image, our consciousness becomes “uplifted” in contact with an image that ordinarily is “in repose”. The image is no longer descriptive, instead it is inspirational and solely expressible by paint.“


Copyrights Asta Caplan, Meeting the Emperors, III, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 60 cm


Annette Kunow, born in Berlin, is presenting a series of Decollages paperworks. Annette Kunow: „When I’m not working in my artist studio, I’m teaching students in mechanical engineering or practice engineering in global companies. Since more than 30 years I am working as a painter. I begin my work with an idea, the initial design, somewhat like an engineer creates the drawing of an engine construction. Then I deconstruct the forms and play with shapes and colors. I like to create the figures in expressive gestures, they are quarrelling, laughing, loving or just standing on its own. When I produce daily sketches, drawings and collages, my figures become alive in an animate world”.



Copyrights Annette Kunow, Where Kisses End, Decollage, Mixed Media on Paper, 32 x 24,3 cm


Jörg Plickat, born in Hamburg, is one of Germany's most prominent sculptors of his generation. Acting like an architect, Jörg Plickat plays with geometric shapes, adds cubes or remove them again. Experimenting and swirling the geometric forms on the head, around its own axis, he is changing the perspectives. Jörg Plickat is living in Bredenbek in Germany, but working and exhibiting worldwide. In 2011 he was selected to teach as guest professor first at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Art and Design of the Tsinghua University Beijing and since 2012 at the China National Academy of Arts in Hangzhou.

Plickat won numerous prestigious sculpture awards in China and realized big monuments in China: in Beijing (Olympic park and Tsinghua campus) and all over China in the sculpture parks of Ordos, Tangshan, Qingdao, Wuhu, Taizhou, Yiwu, and Changcha. In 2016 he was leading the 6th China National Seminar of Abstract Sculpture by the Chinese Sculpture magazine. More info, also in mandarin at



Copyrights Jörg Plickat, Love Poem, 2016, Sculpture, Polished Black Chinese Granite, H 53 x L 41 cm



Some of this year’s highlights include artworks on hand made Japanese paper by Sandra Schawalder. On focus is her work “Elements 260”, a puristic 4 piece series which invites art lovers at Collectors’ Preview to discuss about it. Sandra Schawalder: “My work is deeply involved in nature, on the one hand related to the process of painting, on the other in the reflection on the origin and shape. By evoking contrasts between light and dark with different structures, I create both transparency and depth, an antagonism such as Ying and Yang in life.”


Copyright Sandra Schawalder, Elements 260-3, Mixed Media on Japan Paper, 90 x 60 cm


Inna Timokhina is an artist-scientist who holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at Cornell University, New York City. Her fascination for microscopic images and techniques for revealing the hidden energies and secrets of living cells, are on major influence on her artistic ideas and visual language. Inna Timokhina, who is currently living in Switzerland, is speaking about her paintings:

"My main fascination in the artistic process is to capture, visualize and amplify hidden energies behind human emotions, ideas or states of mind. When these energies are revealed, they appear to be independent from gravity and have their own flow. Drawing from my background as a molecular biology scientist, I often approach the artistic process as a magic experiment, where pure creativity is intertwined with scientific precision. In my latest collection I combine ink on silk painting with plexiglass and layers of colored resins. This technique results in semitransparent dreamlike images, which also become 2.5 dimensional."



Copyrights Inna Timokhina, Gorgona Medusa, Mixed Media on Acrylic Glass, 80 x 100 cm




March, 24-26, 2017

during Art Basel Hong Kong


The Excelsior Hotel Hong Kong, 281 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong SAR


Friday, 24 March – Sunday, 26 March 2017, 12 – 8 PM

VIP Opening, Friday, 24 March, 3 – 8 PM


GALLERY AHC Projects Hamburg

Curator Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund

Krokusweg 6a, 22869 Hamburg-Schenefeld, Germany




Gallery AHC Projects, based in Germany, supports emerging and mid-career artists who are able to blow away the boundaries and establish the future. Expanding the gallery’s reach, AHC Projects showcases artists from around the globe and curates exhibitions at acclaimed art fairs in Hamburg, Hong Kong, Miami.










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