(Not) a Photograph

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Crown of Thorns, December 2008 Book 10 X 15 Cm © Dragana Jurisic
(Not) a Photograph
Curated by: Vasja Nagy

Tartinijev trg 3
December 19th, 2008 - February 1st, 2009
Opening: December 19th, 2008 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Mon-Sat 11-5; Sun 11-1


(Not) a Photograph

Exhibition on Photography

After the exhibitions 'Intimate' (2006) that dealt with intimacy in contemporary photography and 'Photographs' (2007) which pointed out issues between photography as medium and physical reality, this year Vasja Nagy as guest curator at Obalne galerije Piran realises another thematic exhibition on photography.

Through numerous questions that arise at encounters with this, in modern times so omnipresent and popular medium we keep discovering new meanings that occur around it. In the 'Intimate' exhibition mostly documentary photographs representing objects, spaces and people were shown, while 'Photographs' presented photographs as autonomous art objects that seem to be more connected to painting and computer graphics than to classical world of photography. Main topic was reduction of the object of photography.

This year's project is penetrating even further through photographic substance. Instead of just hanging pictures in a gallery space will explore space beyond the objects made of paper, celluloid or light, but still remains connected to photography and photographic mind.

For the exhibition, artists who express through photography, and theorists, with an interest in photography were invited to this exploration and the set-up together with the publication will show that a photograph is most present when there is no photograph.

Participating Artists:

Aleksandra Vajd & Hynek Alt, Arven Sˇakti Kralj Szomi, Barbara Milavec,
Romina Dusˇic´, Bosˇtjan Pucelj, Bojana Tomsˇe, Marketa Kinterova,
Marketa Othova, Tilen Zˇbona, Borut Peterlin, Tanja Lazˇetic´, Kiki Omerzel,
Dejan Habicht, Sˇpela Kasal, Peter Kosˇtrun, Sasˇa Sˇtucin, Manja Zore,
son:DA, Lorena Matic, Artgroup RGB, Antonio Zˇivkovicˇ, Tanja Verlak,
Jernej Humar, Andrej Tisma, Jenny Rova, Roy LaGrone, Peter Tillessen,
Günther Selichar, Marco Citron, Vlasta Delimar, Ulay, Helen Sear, Hermes
Payrhuber, Anita Witek, Bojan Radovicˇ, Ewald Maurer, Tamara Horáková,
Michele Spanghero, Emilie Delugeau, Ernst Logar, David Vatovec, Janez Pelko,
Dragana Jurisˇic´, Anita Pavlicˇ, Mahony, Herwig Kempinger, Jasna Klancˇisˇar

Curator: Vasja Nagy

Texts in publication contributed by:

Sylvia Grace Borda, Andrazˇ Begusˇ, Ruth Horak, Vasja Nagy

The exhibition is supported by: Austrijski Kulturni Forum (Ljubljana),
Luminus Novo mesto