Human Blues

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Poster for Human Blues Mixed © Tam Hare & Anna Glantz, 2014
Human Blues - preview image, 2014 Mixed Media © Anna Glantz
Human Blues - preview image, 2014 Photography © Tam Hare
Human Blues
Curated by: Anna Glantz, Tam Hare

151 London Road
Edinburgh , Scotland EH7 6AE
United Kingdom
January 23rd, 2015 - February 1st, 2015
Opening: January 23rd, 2015 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

United Kingdom
24 Jan - 3 Feb 2015 | Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6 Sat-Sun 11-5
painting, landscape, modern, surrealism, digital, video-art, drawing, sculpture, photography, mixed-media, installation, conceptual


A Text for

Human Blues


Due to a deliberately positioned number of related and seemingly unconnected set(s) of conditions, we are to stage the exhibition Human Blues at Edinburgh Palette.

This is a list. We made it for this exhibition:

Due to being here and being you/us we present these objects, these sounds, something to see, look at, warm to, cold too, ignore, embrace, maybe pass a moment through and retrieve a thought lost at the other end.

Due to our ‘generation’ and the ones before; to corresponding with others and ourselves – using egos, machines, systems and tools, ‘mail’ and messages – sleep now and long for letters; through faceless, senseless egos and the thoughts held within; the hopes, dreams – ones of home and those of fear and ones in-between – of being wanted, unwanted, inadequate or adequate in the meantime, up-to-date but out of step - you’ll take loads of steps.

Due largely to the mimic, the conveyer – occasionally so and often forgotten – the aftermath of events before during and after one’s time; the weird and not so wonderful, absurd, surreal and other meaninglessness’s; the blame and the pleasures we seek; of knowing people but not the right ones, moments, places, views; of putting numbers on everything but always loosing count.

Due to being in the wrong, and right place, at the wrong, and right time; realising there is no ‘time’ but trying to make the most of it nonetheless; confusion reigns, with angst, a humorous decadence and escapism, destined only as an afterthought.

Due to the space between, living there, holding firm but losing ground, losing everything; of struggles and hopes, of nausea, melancholy, aches, bile, baring all, being left open, laughing and never crying, of not knowing but always being aware; expressions and accidents combined with the definitive and resolved.

It gets us, the blues, reds, blacks and other tones too – however, due to the scepticism of the moment and the emotions we seek, we choose the blues. And not to make rhythm or to flow but to smear and emblazon some of the struggles we embrace.

We have now considered and thus unconstrained these fictions and then spread and positioned the outcomes around, with the intention of them being experienced and considered by others.



You are invited to the PV on the 23rdJan (6 - 9) and all other dates therein. It would please us to see you there.

Exhibition dates:   24 Jan - 1 Feb 2015 | Hours:   Mon-Fri 10-6    Sat-Sun 11-5


Anna Glantz & Tam Hare                   

for Human Blues, 2014

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