Future Present: Five Artists, Five Weeks

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Future Present: Five Artists, Five Weeks
Curated by: Rachel Adams

700 Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701
June 29th, 2011 - July 31st, 2011

United States
512 453 5312


Beginning June 29, Arthouse presents Future Present: Five Artists, Five Weeks an exhibition of video work by John Kilduff, Jennifer Sullivan, Brian Bress, Frankie Martin, and Shana Moulton. Each artist’s work will be on view for one week during the month of July in the Second Floor Gallery.

This exhibition brings together five artists investigating new approaches to making artwork in the age of the internet. Working within stylistic forms and tropes appropriated from popular culture and mass media, each artist examines a character (or multiple characters, in the case of Brian Bress) within the self-contained video genre. All of the works are staged simply and are related aesthetically to home videos. Each artist tactically uses humor as a key element to engage with the audience, which in turn creates engaging narratives that are fashioned from our everyday realities.

John Kilduff’s long-running Monday through Friday Internet TV series Let’s Paint TV has the artist don a suit, paint while running on a treadmill, make smoothies, cook, and take calls from his audience. In One Week Walden, Jennifer Sullivan wanders in and around her father’s pop-up camper in his backyard while trying to connect to the land as Henry David Thoreau once did. Brian Bress’ Status Report fixates on six individual characters, all played by the artist, that flash across the screen in bouts of imaginative nonsense. Frankie Martin’s series Trapped in the Web satirizes the popular YouTube series lonelygirl15. Frankie’s character Franiquoah finds herself alone inside of the internet, left to freak out in an existential crisis by way of frantic attempts to reconnect with the real world. Shana Moulton’s dreamy series Whispering Pines follows her character Cynthia through trials and tribulations of Cynthia’s inner world. Cynthia, intent on bettering herself, surrounds herself with numerous New Age objects such as animal fountains, spherical lightning lamps, and self-help books that in turn transport her deeper into her faux reality.