Evidence of Houdini's Return

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Evidence of Houdini's Return
Curated by: Rachel Adams

700 Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701
January 14th, 2012 - March 4th, 2012

United States
512 453 5312


Through the creation of complex visual narratives, the international artists in this exhibition present provocative abstract forms that investigate art’s potential to interrupt and/or reconstruct elements of everyday life. Each of the seven artists test the boundaries of working abstractly, with found objects and images, reformed digital technologies, as well as reference traditional techniques. While exploring the potential of objects in space, their ideas coalesce around an opposition to fixed forms. By encouraging examinations of context and allowing for ambiguous formal and narrative combinations to inform one another, Evidence of Houdini’s Return focuses on the value of abstraction in contemporary art discourse today.

The historical importance of abstraction within art is a codified and accepted tradition and the artists in this exhibition are deeply aware of their predecessors. However, abstraction takes on a new meaning as society moves even more rapidly into a highly digitalized world of constant stimulation. With a wide range of mediums represented, including painting, photography, sculpture, video, drawing, and collage, Evidence of Houdini’s Return presents multiple opportunities for the visitor to experience various strategies of abstraction currently being employed by a dynamic group of emerging international artists.