Unspoken Wisdoms

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© Courtesy of The West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park
Unspoken Wisdoms

17 Towne Farm Lane
Stowe, VT 05672
August 17th, 2013 - October 31st, 2013

United States
Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm, and by appointment


West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park is pleased to announce the opening of Unspoken Wisdoms, a new contemporary exhibition featuring the work of Giovanna Cecchetti, Janis Pozzi-Johnson, and Louis Sclafani. Art has the power to express that which cannot be described with words. Seeking, searching, absorbing and connecting with some of the most profound and buried layers of understanding is a common theme and motivation for artists working in all mediums. For the month of August, West Branch Gallery will exhibit three talented artists, whose work each deals with some of the buried layers of what humans associate with truth, spirituality, the indescribable and the unknowable.

Unspoken Wisdoms brings together three artists working in mediums ranging from oil paintings to cast glass sculptures to works on paper; each of these artists have established their own visual vocabulary to investigate some of the larger questions we all ponder.

New York based Giovanna Cecchetti's abstract works on canvas and paper use color, patterning and movement to investigate space-time patterns, quantum physics, and non-local information theory. The paintings are not about information, but rather their imagery is information. Cecchetti's interest as an art-maker is to create visual systems of information that are content-based and vested intrinsically with meaning.

Janis Pozzi-Johnson's oil paintings possess a powerful sense of self-awareness; they are strikingly confident in their ability to remain calm. To view Janis' work is to view a meditation on landscape and of the experience therein. Her paintings suggest water, earth and sky though there is no representational evidence of those elements. As one moves around these paintings the surface shifts, the colors change, light and dark succumb to each other. The paintings' textured, color-shifting surfaces are constantly revealing subtle nuances. Janis Pozzi-Johnsons paintings are at once aware yet still discovering; complete yet ever evolving.
Louis Sclafani's medium of glass, both blown and sculpted, has been an ongoing practice and exploration beyond his early years as a 22-year-old apprentice in the Murano glass studio of master craftsmen, Lorendano and Dino Rosin in Venice, Italy. Sclafani's recent series of glass and copper busts are sculpted from a block of laminated glass and textured with layers of copper skin, which float over glass planes. The pieces in this new series contain many profiles within a single portrait.