Rom München. Hin -und Zurück

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illuminarium Mixed Media Technique On Canvas Cm 60x60 © marco angelini
Rom München. Hin -und Zurück

June 8th, 2012 - June 10th, 2012



Marco Angelini, born in Rome on June 1971, employs a variety of different media experimenting with recycled material, metals and plastics on canvases.

In Munich he will exhibit ten artworks featured at the Italian Pavillon of the 54th Venice Biennal of Contemporary Art.

The artworks focus on the complex relationship between art and science, and art and medicine.

Angelini finds inspiration in scientific research, in physics, and in the world of medicine.

The artist draws cues for his work from the diffusion of energy and its transformation into light, and the question of the infinite.

In artworks such as "Nuclear Centre" and "Scientific Question" the artist confronts problems of the contemporary world, illustrating the hopes and dangers inherent in the development of new technologies.

His works are transcriptions of a personal experience of reality.

The artist is fascinated by the changes taking place in nature.

He strives to understand the structure of chaos.

In "Terramotus", he explains the upheaval caused by an earthquake, where old structures are overcome and lie dormant beneath new layers.

In his work, dessicated plants resemble hibernating organisms, scattered oases among the desert sands.

In addressing scientific themes related to the world of medicine or physics, Angelini weaves a dialogue with the viewer.

He is an artist so he represents these issues in a manner that is individual and original.

As Plato said, at a certain point the human intellect hits a wall in scientific speculation and soon turns to poetry, art and metaphysics. Let us not delude ourselves that science can provide evidence for the existence of the absolute. Science is not the only way of knowing the world.