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Ohne Titel (the collaps...), 2005 Eitempera Auf Holz / Egg Tempera On Wood 30 X 42 Cm © Courtesy of the artist & ESSL MUSEUM

An der Donau-Au 1
3400 Klosterneuburg/Vienna
June 9th, 2013 - September 29th, 2013
Opening: June 9th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

+43-(0)2243-370 50 150
Tue – Sun: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Wed: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.


The exhibition >SOMMERBILDER< (Summer Pictures) shows painting from the Essl Collection that is associated with the theme of summer. For this – inspired by the works in the exhibition – Viennese and Kosterneuburg star chefs and bar tenders will create imaginative summer dishes and cool summer drinks. In cooperation with gastronomic summer-scene hotspots, this produces a networking between the museum interior and the urban exterior.

The summer has always been a time when people particularly like to relax to enjoy themselves in the sun or shade and to turn the tempo down. A cool drink on a terrace, a light summery dish on the table: friends meet, chat and unwind. Away from stressful everyday life there is relaxation and contemplation. The summer feeling should not just be reserved for holidays, but should be just as possible in one’s own city, on the balcony, on the Danube or in the Essl Museum.

Viewing works of art can be a wonderful contribution to slowing one’s life down, an extension of one’s own time. Because viewing art requires time, which is a rare commodity in our hectic everyday life. In the Essl Museum this summer one can pursue the calming enjoyment of art with all passion – summery paintings by Sigmar Polke, Hubert Scheibl, Max Weiler, Herbert Brandl, David Salle, Wolfgang Herzig, Alex Katz and many others invite you to linger in the light-flooded galleries.

The works in the >SOMMERBILDER< exhibition show a broad spectrum of the summer. With Sigmar Polke’s Sommerbilder I – IV, for example, one can puzzle over why he may have chosen this title for the series or ask oneself whether Wolfgang Herzig really saw his bathers in the Vienna Gänsehäufel like that. Sometimes the summer can also just be colour that absorbs the viewer, as with Hubert Scheibl’s monumental pictures. As in the paintings by Max Weiler, however, colour compositions on a white ground can also emerge from a painterly concern with the secret of creation. The summer in the pictures can also emerge if the visitors take their time for images to form in their heads.

Comfortable seating and summer loungers in the exhibition space and on the Essl Museum terrace offer the perfect opportunity to take longer to observe what has been viewed or to review it in one’s mind ́s eye, to a background of summer hits on iPods that can be borrowed in the museum.

“Artworks can form an inspiration for one’s own activity and the concern with art can set creativity free; we repeatedly experience this in the Essl Museum’s workshops. This time we wanted to take a new approach to the concern with art. Gourmet chefs have been inspired by the works in the Essl Collection, from which an enjoyable and playful synergy develops for the pleasure of viewers and connoisseurs alike,” says the curator Andreas Hoffer.