The Eye of the Needle: A Lecture by David Wilson

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The Eye of the Needle: A Lecture by David Wilson

823 Exposition Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90089
October 14th, 2008 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

downtown/east la
(213) 740-4561
Sat 12-4
USC (University of Southern California)
mixed-media, digital, installation, video-art, conceptual, surrealism


As part of the lecture series, Science and Art Behind Phantasmagoria: Specters of Absence, David Wilson, the founder and director of the Museum of Jurassic Technology will present a lecture based on the history of ingenuity and artistry on the microscopic scale. This lecture presents the microminiature sculptures carved from dust and human hair by Hagop Sandaljian, the 19th century Micromosaics of Harold Dalton, and Microminiature lore.

This event is presented as part of the series Science and Art Behind Phantasmagoria: Specters of Absence. The series also includes Aesthetics and the Brain and Icons of Culture.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology, located in the Culver City area of Los Angeles, is a remarkable location that conjures up the early Cabinets of Curiosities of the Renaissance and the old Natural History museum. This museum, which has been popularized by Lawrence Weschlers' book Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder, exhibits things such as Pronged Ants, Horned Humans, Mice on Toast, and "Other Marvels of Jurassic Technology". Playing with the subtle line between fact and fiction, David Wilson has conceded that the experience visitors have in his museum may be "similar to what an audience experiences when watching a magical illusion performed."

David Wilson is the founding director of the Museum of Jurassic Technology. He received his MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 1974 and opened The Museum of Jurassic Technology in 1988 at its current Culver City, California location. Since its inception, the Museum has expanded both in terms of its public offerings, through exhibitions and associated programs, as well as in its public recognition and reputation. The MJT has exhibited internationally and Mr. Wilson has lectured throughout the North America and Europe. In addition, Mr. Wilson has produced six independent films, most recently under the auspices of MJT in conjunction with Kabinet, an arts based cultural institution located in St. Petersburg, Russia. The latest of their collaborative efforts is entitled Obshee Delo or The Common Task. Over the past decade, the Museum and Mr. Wilson have been honored through numerous grants and awards. In 2001 the MacArthur Foundation granted him a Fellowship in recognition of his accomplishments at The Museum of Jurassic Technology.

Reception: Following the lecture, refreshments will be served.