Punto Volado

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No title, 2013 Mixed Media 200 X 300 Cm © Delimbo Gallery
Wooden Sculptures, 2013 Wood, Pencils, Paint. Variables © Delimbo
Punto Volado

C/Pérez Galdós 1acc
41004 Seville
May 2nd, 2013 - August 31st, 2013
Opening: May 2nd, 2013 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

(+34) 955 294 188
Mon-Sat 11-14 / 17:30-20:30
postgraffiti, arte urbano, urban art, contemporary urban art, mixed-media, installation, graffiti/street-art, modern, sculpture


A A year is gone by and Nuria Mora is back in Seville after participating in the collective show “Hecho en Madrid” in Delimbo.
More than 15 new works will be at show at the exhibit at this Seville´s gallery, including drawings, paintings, sculpture and installation as well as a premiere of her collaborative sculpture with the prestigious magazine Architectural Digest (AD).

Nuria Mora´s work has been shown in galleries and museums all over the world, including London's Tate Modern, the Miró foundation, Cervantes Institute, as well as campaigns for Loewe in Tokyo, she is also in charge of  “Cirque Du Soleil”  last advertising campaign.

Ladies and gentlemen, Nuria Mora.

“Punto Volado”
Text : Alberto Martin Exposito

The interpunct (·) represents one of the punctuation symbols that can incite most fascination among calligraphy lovers. Its use is wide-ranging and it depends on the context employed to define its function and use.

In Catalan the “punto vola” has a decoupling function between syllables. In other languages, as is the case with Greek, its use is similar to the use of the semicolon. In Japanese it is an integrating component for foreignisms and in Latin it is used to space textually. For a chemist the interpunct is used to present chemical functions separately whilst for a mathematician it is representative of the arithmetic process of multiplying.

The interpuct represents an expression that mutates with the context and adapts itself to the situation, bringing forth an specific use. It’s a symbol that is open to the environment; it changes with it and it adapts. An outsider to grammar that implements context and sense.

The work by artist Nuria Mora orbits around a Darwinist fluke based on adaptability or capability to adapt to the environment, similar to that of the interpuct. The works nourish on that mimicry with space. It fuses in turn with her own life, in itself an exercise of the nomadic and like the symbol does not have an specific occupation functioning “ad hoc” on the different context in which it operates.

“Punto Volado” is the metaphoric secular trace from which Nuria Mora departs. Throw a series of works that focus, integrate, and structure a series of propositions that vertebrate not only her creative passion but also her life, a life that is far from operating In a defined space, orbits around multiple contextual possibilities and spaces, in which the artist finds herself interpreting an outsider without a defined discipline.