Second Sight

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Il Gancio (The Hook) , 2012 Video Installation 9 Minutes © Courtesy of the artist & Stills
Second Sight

23 Cockburn Street
Edinburgh , Scotland EH1 1BP
United Kingdom
April 27th, 2013 - July 21st, 2013
Opening: April 27th, 2013 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

United Kingdom
+44 (0) 131 622 6200
Gallery open every day: 11am - 6pm
photography, video-art


Second Sight will present newly commissioned works alongside archival photographs that explore the transformation of the lives of people from rural Italy who, after 1940, emigrated to urban communities throughout Europe.

Photographs by Frank Monaco and Robert Capa capture moments of upheaval, refuge and separation before the actualisation of an unknowable future, while works by Adrian Paci and Fausto Colavecchia address the leap of faith made by labour-motivated migrants. The video installations by Agapito Di Pila and Valentina Bonizzi unfold the duality in the lives of people sustaining family and employment in two different countries. Furthermore, a new film-work by Maria Thereza Alves offers insight into the complexity of our feelings towards the places we come from, and return to.

These works will be accompanied by excerpts from texts by John Berger (A Seventh Man, 1975), Saskia Sassen (Guests and Aliens, 2003) and Sandra Chistolini (Donne Italoscozzesi, 2011).

Second Sight is part of Image/Identity, a three-year series of projects focusing on the phenomenon of human migration. Conceived to reflect the growing trend of migration as both a differentiated and integrated part of everyday life, the project will consider how contemporary society is shaped by the migration of people, what they are drawn to and what they leave behind.

Historical and contemporary photography, an artist’s film, online archives and discourse will illuminate the nuances of our international cultural heritage, question the cultural stereotypes we take for granted, and build up an understanding of the plurality of experiences and identities which make up Scotland’s people today.

In a programme running from April to July 2013, Image/Identity will explore the experience of migration through representations of its key stages: preparation; departure; voyage; mobility; arrival; transition and assimilation.

This will include a full programme of public discussions and screenings, as well as a Film Lounge programme of films relating to migration, cultural and social assimilation and concepts of citizenship. The programme will also involve a series of workshops inviting people with histories of migration to upload personal photographs to a bespoke website. .