Rhythms of Modernism

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© Courtesy of William Reaves Fine Art
Rhythms of Modernism

2143 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas 77098
April 5th, 2013 - May 4th, 2013

United States
(713) 521-7500
Tue-Sat 10-5; and other times by appointment.


Once again this year, in conjunction with the Houston Modern
Market, William Reaves Fine Art pays tribute to the
splendid styles and creative energies which emanated from
mid-century modernism in Texas art! In Rhythms of Modernism,
the gallery presents a fantastic fare of innovative
works from the late 1940s through the latter 1960s-- a selection
that charts the birth of “cool” in Texas painting. The
exhibition features over 60 works by 38 artists, including
many of the most important names in the Texas art scene
during the post-war period.
The middle years of the twentieth-century have proven to
be among the most productive periods in American art, and
Texas painting was no exception. Lone Star art evolved and
exploded in post-war Texas, offering new opportunities and
expectations for both artists and patrons. Compared to
earlier and more conservative forebears, mid-century Texas
painters struck bold new paths in their creation of art, manifesting
divergent patterns such as those evidenced in the remarkable
mélange of subject matter, style, and palette seen
in this show. While remaining true to their regional subjects
and themes, Texas artists actively embraced interesting new
modes of abstraction, ranging from styles of cubism to expressionism,
and many points in between. It was an energetic
and creative time, rich with novel and inventive work.
While there were exceptional artists producing all throughout
the state, Houston was the ostensible leader of this midcentury
art scene in Texas and in the Southwest, generating
the state’s most significant twentieth-century modernists.
Many of these local giants of mid-century modernism are
Rhythms of Modernism
represented in this show, their period works continuing to
hold an edge and freshness even some half-century later.
Rhythms of Modernism is a dazzling exhibition of Texas
modernism, celebrating the verve and vibrancy of this midcentury
For art patrons who appreciate the dynamism and diversity
of Houston’s current art scene, Rhythms of Modernism is
a “must see” exhibition, because it reminds us of our city’s
(and state’s) modernist roots; and it celebrates the men
and women whose collective work and reputations forged a
path for Houston to become one of America’s premier arts
communities. And we invite all of you to join us for this
year’s Houston Founder’s Party on April 20th, to meet and
greet some of the most storied and respected artists of our
Bayou City.