Best of - A Survey of GOSSIP POP

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Best of - A Survey of GOSSIP POP

15 Techno Park Drive
3016 Williamstown
March 23rd, 2013 - April 14th, 2013
Opening: March 23rd, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

+61 3 9397 6344
Saturday & Sunday 1pm – 5pm or by appointment
video-art, performance, pop


The “disproportionate pervasiveness of celebrity,” to use Graeme Turner’s phrase,1 has, in part,
spawned the GOSSIP POP project, a performative fiction whose product or commodity—that is
songs, music videos, and live performances—are appropriated from the imagery and texts of the
mass media celebrity culture, with a special focus on gossipy tabloid magazines. The GOSSIP
POP project directly incorporates the persona of artist/producer into the product (as lead singer,
band member and/or fan). These art works inevitably are reliant for their meaningfulness and
impact on an assumed shared tabloid vernacular amongst the audience or viewer—a general
familiarity with the faces and names and stories of the celebrities referenced in the artworks. But
more importantly, they rely upon a sophisticated awareness of the repeated constructions and
conventions of media pop culture that convey celebrity stories and produce the celebrities
themselves, feeding and shaping collective epistemophilic and scopophilic desires2 and the
machinery of the drive for “fifteen minutes” of fame.
For Best of, GOSSIP POP works are reconfigured into a survey exhibition spanning the
duration of study for PhD candidature (part-time) from 2004-2013.
Sue DODD has developed an artistic practice that incorporates simultaneously performance,
video and installation and responds to the contemporary cultural landscape of globalised
culture, homogeneity and desire. DODD produces works that address the playful and
expressive potentials of pop, the tabloid narrative and celebrity culture through translation,
over-dubbing and post-production – often via the ongoing performance project 'Gossip Pop' –
demonstrating possibilities for new modes of production and new audiences relationships to
mass culture and the art work. DODD has exhibited and performed widely including the
National Gallery of Victoria, The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Monash
University Gallery of Art, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, the Canberra Contemporary
Art Space and the Adelaide International Festival. Internationally she has performed at Art
Stage and West Space East in Singapore and in Shanghai for Satellite at the Shanghai
International Biennial. DODD lives and works in Melbourne and lectures in Visual Art at
Victoria University.