Non-Being by Itself

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Non-Being by Itself

March 29th, 2013 - May 18th, 2013
Opening: March 28th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Monday - Friday 9.00-19.00 hr, Saturday 9.00-16.00 hr
film, sculpture


Every life supports and influences each other. There is not a single life that can exist on its own. In Non-Being by Itself, artist Kamin Lertchaiprasert explores these intricate relationships between lives and offers his peers and the audience the opportunity to experience this network of co-existence. In addition to presenting his own work, which consists of a large sculpture with sound in the shape of a human skull titled “Before Birth After Death” and a short film titled “We are all the same”, Kamin invites young artists and cultural workers to make short films of people whose lives have touched them. As someone who defines art as a process of learning about life and nature and indeed embraces all other meaningful processes in one’s living—not just the products of one’s painting, sculpting and art-making activities—as works of art, the artist aims to inspire the viewer with something as simple as the art of living by ordinary individuals

This exhibition is part of the 31st Century Museum of Contemporary Spirit project.

Artist Statement

Non-being by Itself features various short films by cultural workers, young artists and common people who are interested in sharing their experiences. Each person is engrossed in social and cultural change and is capable of expressing his or her thoughts through10-minute short films, using different techniques and mediums, including mobile phones, digital cameras, professional cameras, etc. Everyone would choose a person who inspires them to tell his or her way of life. In addition, participants will help interview people with different careers and backgrounds about people who inspire them and the reason why.

Stories of these ordinary people might allow the audience to gain some insight or perspective about the value that lies beneath daily life. These things might already exist in our lives but have been overlooked. If we understand the state of non-being by itself—meaning nothing can exist without the others, then it might trigger awareness of our own life’s worth and also that of others’. This project believes that we all could be an inspiration for others and can send out our creative energy based on our experience, knowledge, love, compassion and social conscience by starting to take responsibility for our duty and way of life the best we can. These small gestures by all of us will form the vigor that contributes to the society.

Participating Artists/Cultural Workers

  1. Jedsada Tangtrakulwong and the Khotphuwieng Family, “A Human”
  2. Natthapol Wannaporn, “Mo(m)tivation”
  3. Jin Ruangkriengsin, Thanawat Patanaprasart and Natdanai Chutipabhakorn, “The Contended Man”
  4. Naraphat Sakarthornsap, “MEW”
  5. Sompong Leerasiri, “Participation Art 2013 Project: Living Together in Rider Community Project”
  6. Apipar Norapoompipat and Watsamon Tri-yasakda, “Sudawadee Norapoompipat”
  7. Thanyathorn Tangsongcharoen, Cherry Pongprajjakkul and Thanakrit Srisuwan, “Unique”
  8. Jakraphun Thanateeranon, “My Idol”
  9. Arnont Nongyao, “Anonymous”
  10. Samart Suwannarat, “Light and Sky”
  11. Teeramon Bua-ngam, “Home”
  12. Soravis Vibhagool, Pavares Paisancharoenwong and Panida Aonsamang, “SOS”
  13. Anan Sikamahn, Visitthorn Anunsukhiran and Pariwut Piamkarunwong, “The Fisherman’s Friend”