nordic art / Between Miracles

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nordic art / Between Miracles

10 D. Abashidze Str.
0102 Tbilisi
March 8th, 2013 - April 7th, 2013
Opening: March 7th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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relational art, SOCIAL PRACTICE, video, mixed-media, digital, installation, video-art, conceptual, figurative, sculpture



nordic art / Between Miracles - exhibition and seminar; The Expanding Role of the Artist as Entrepreneur.

Artists:  Anders Smebye, Bryndís Snæbjőrnsdóttir & Mark Wilson, Elin Wikstrőm in Collaboration with Denis Romanowski, Eva Koch, Josefina Posch, Lars Laumann, Leslie Johnson and Sasha Huber.

Almost twenty years after Hans Ulrich Obrist declared the 'Nordic Miracle' the exhibition 'nordic art / Between Miracles' invites a new look at Nordic. Highlighted are also artists participating in every step of their art production from research and creation to self-organization and curatorial work; with a strong sense of commitment to public engagement, rather than assuming a miracle will arrive. The artists in the exhibition all have identities connected to the North as indigenous, immigrants, or temporary expatriates.

What people call success is only preparation for the next failure.  
August Strindberg

Much has been discussed in relation to what might or might not be characteristic for artists native to/or working in the Nordic countries and the conclusion almost always seems to be that there actually are not any themes, visual or conceptual to be found. Instead -- a broad range of contemporary art including extra-disciplinary practices. An aspect of the Nordic character illuminated by the Strindberg quote that the exhibition and seminar will explore: the industrious, entrepreneurial determination of Nordic artists. The need for continuity through success and failure, but above all to trust the process, proceed with work, develop new strategies, move forward.  

CCA-Tbilisi, led by Wato Tsereteli hosts the exhibition, bringing together the Tbilisi culture scene with Nordic artists, independent curators, writers, and culture producers -- Between Miracles.

Some of the organizations participating in the seminar; local or from abroad, are more grass-roots than others and all have different modus operandi. Each organization will have a chance to share their vision, description of their funding structure and audience; to discuss aspects of entrepreneurship pertinent to the field of art, and present a summary of projects. Shared and contrasting stories, experiences will be documented and available on the website

The Exhibition and Seminar is produced by Josefina Posch/Leslie Johnson -Snowball Cultural Productions in Collaboration with Wato Tsereteli - Center for Contemporary Art - Tbilisi with the support of Norden - Nordic Culture Fund, The Swedish Arts Council, The Danish Arts Council, FRAME – Visual Art Finland and The Swedish Embassy - Tbilisi.

  Anders Smebye, Bryndís Snæbjőrnsdóttir & Mark Wilson, Elin Wikstrőm in Collaboration with Denis Romanowski, Eva Koch, Josefina Posch, Lars Laumann, Leslie Johnson, Sasha Huber

Seminar Panel:  Bastard Gallery, CCA-Tbilisi, GeoAIR, Kallio Kunsthalle, Manymade, Nýlo - The Living Art Museum, Snowball Cultural Productions, Supermarket Art Fair and Magazine,
Curator:  Wato Tsereteli
Exhibition Concept/Production:  Leslie Johnson and Josefina Posch