Open Call Exhibit

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Chunk, $2800 Mixed Media © 2012
Untitled, $2800 Mixed © 2012
All Watch Over by Machines of Loving Grace, $450 Digital Print 20x20 © 2012
The Nine Billion Names Of God, $485 Digital Print 20x24 © 2012
Hedgehog Factory, $85 Graphic Art Print 16x20 © 2012
Happy Meals, $315 Lithograph 24x32 © 2011
Parker's Sunset, $105 Photography 16x20 © 2012
Untitled, $349 Acrylic On Paper 18x24 © 2011
False XVI, $105 Acrylic On Canvas 10x10 © 2012
Beautiful Woman with Her Cat, $1000 Oil 48x36 © 2012
Blue Web, $800 Mixed Media © 2012
The Kingdom, $900 Mixed Media 24x24 © 2012
The Wastes, $850 Mixed Media On Canvas 24x24 © 2012
Secrecy, $2200 Mixed Media 30x48 © 2012
Open Call Exhibit
Curated by: Douglas C Orr

200 West Market St
Aberdeen, WA 98520
February 1st, 2013 - February 22nd, 2013
Opening: February 1st, 2013 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

United States
Thursdays 4pm to 8pm, Fridays 4pm to 8pm, Saturdays 4pm to 8pm
photography, mixed-media, installation, conceptual, pop, landscape, figurative, modern, traditional, sculpture

Back from a month away from the gallery, Douglas Orr is back curating at Gallery Expo with an exiting new group exhibit. With 17 artists this exhibit seems to hit a homerun. The art ranges from contemporary to Steam Punk and back to the old the favorites of more traditional art.
New to Gallery Expo is Long Beach artist Connie DK Lane with her larger then life, in your face, contemporary 3-D statements constructed of foam, fabric, rope, nails, paper mache, and found onjects. The earthy look of Connie's work partially comes from the wide array of matterials she uses and also from her spontaneous interaction with the materials thus revealing the sculptures and imbuing them with an organic feel as well as a sense of chaos and deterioration. As evocative as the forms are to her, Connie's hope is to create works wrought with layers of emotion, rendered through the complexity and richness of the materials. Connie is featuring three of her works in this open call exhibit.
Another Long Beach area artist new to Gallery Expo is Nash Bellows, a painter who uses bright colors and figurative work to represent many aspects of her personality. Her work deals with the various ways people create identities in life. Nash says that most people only see the external shell of one another and base their viewpoints on material aspects. Nash's art shows what she personally deems excessive in her life such as food, family influence and personal possessions. Nash has two works featured in our exhibit.
Returning popular Long Beach artist Nairobi Tony. Nairobi Tony was born and raised in Kenya and moved to California in 1965 at age 12.
He draws with a fountain pen and describes himself as a self-taught, "outsider" artist whose subjects include cosmic energies and cats. He is influenced by the flow of the ink and the spur of the moment. Many of his works are done in a stipple fashion and have an African Folk Art look and feel. Beside some jewelry and ceramic that we carry Nairobi has two acrylic on canvas works in this exhibit.
This open call exhibit opens to the public on Friday February 1st between 6pm and 10pm and then is open Sat. Feb 2, Feb 8 & 9, Feb 15 & 16 and Feb 22 between 4 & 8pm.
Gallery Expo is located inside the EXPO Arts Center at 4321 Atlantic Ave with free public parking on the north side of the building or on the street. Gallery Expo is free and open to the public. Please, no strollers or dogs in the gallery and small children must be held by an adult.