Hanne Darboven - Mostra e performance musicale

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Kalender 94, postum op 42 A B C D, Bläserquintett (detail) © (Courtesy P420, Bologna e Hanne Darboven Foundation, Hamburg)
Hanne Darboven - Mostra e performance musicale
Curated by: Miriam Schoofs

Strada Maggiore 34
40125 Bologna
Emilia Romagna
January 22nd, 2013 - February 3rd, 2013

+39 051 2757711
tue-sat 9.30am-4pm sun 10am-6.30 pm


Galleria P420 and the Hanne Darboven Foundation of Hamburg are proud to present the exhibition of the work Kalendar 94, Postum OP 42 A B C D, Bläserquintett by the German artist Hanne Darboven (Munich 1941 – Hamburg 2009) at the Museum of Music of Bologna (Strada Maggiore 34 ) from 22 January to 3 February 2013, in the context of the events organized by the Bologna Fair for Art City Bologna 2013, and the musical performance on Sunday 27 January, at 10.00 AM, also at the Museum, of a composition by Darboven herself.

The musical compositions of Hanne Darboven are closely connected to her activity as a visual artist, just as her visual works are vividly linked to her musical scores. The idea of juxtaposing the visual work with musical performance comes from the need to more clearly illustrate this specific interaction and the particular perspective of this relationship.

Darboven herself urged the combined presentation of the visual and compositional aspects of her work, as happened – for example – at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg in October, 1991.

Similarly, on Sunday 27 January 2013, at 10.00 AM at the Museum of Music of Bologna, a city that has had a clear influence on the history of European music, a chamber ensemble will perform the composition Opus 26 Quartette Modell 1–9, written by Hanne Darboven at the end of the 1980s, reviving the original idea of the artist, accompanying the exhibition of her work and transposing it onto a musical plane.

 «From a very early age Hanne Darboven demonstrated great musical talent, which she put aside, however – though without ever forgetting it – to concentrate on the visual arts. The relationship between the musical variations and the numerical sequences of Hanne Darboven is quite clear. From the second half of the 1970s onward, she began to translate her numerical systems into musical sequences (number 0 = note D, etc.), which were then arranged for various instruments, played individually or for entire orchestras, by professional musicians. The result is a fascinating sound experience, a marriage between her mathematical music, to use Darboven’s own words, and the great tradition of German classical music». [Ernst A. Busche, Hanne Darboven Foundation, Hamburg]