Ian Davenport: Between the Lines

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Ian Davenport: Between the Lines

38 Armenian Street
179942 Singapore
May 11th, 2012 - July 7th, 2012

+65 6636 8360
Mon-Sat 11-7
Admission is Free


Art Plural Gallery is pleased to announce the inaugural solo exhibition of British artist Ian Davenport in Singapore. The exhibition titled Ian Davenport: Between the Lines runs from 11th May through 7th July, 2012 and features new paintings which the artist has specifically created for this exhibition.

In conjunction with the exhibition will be the publication of Ian Davenport: Between the Lines, a fully illustrated, comprehensive and definitive catalogue of the artist’s poured paintings.
I control liquid, I use colour, and I try to choreograph these different elements together. There’s a lot of internal rigour to the process, but at the same time it is about chance.
- Ian Davenport

Former Turner Prize nominee Ian Davenport aims to create a purely visual experience through colours. The artist is recognised for his intense and unconventional painting practice, working with a crescendo of colours orchestrated in rows of lines. His distinctive creative process involves the pouring of paint with an industrial syringe over the body of a working surface, allowing the line of colour to ebb and flow into saturated puddles. Within the stripes and sections, Davenport would literally count the seconds involved in each pour of the paint – deeming it similar to a musical beat. Sometimes this entire process takes place in happenstance and other times, under the pressure of a calculated tilt of the surface. Creating diptychs, triptychs, singular works and at the same time enjoying the culmination of a large-scale monumental piece, the artist’s visual language is deeply rooted in colour, rhythm, timing, control and chance.