The Magic of the Forms

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The Magic of the Forms
Curated by: Leslie Costello

35 Marata St.,
197000 St. Petersburg
Russian Federation
April 27th, 2012 - June 8th, 2012
Opening: April 27th, 2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Russian Federation
+7 812 710 88 35


Solo Show.

The Magic of the Forms

by Lucia Gomez


Spirals and many other geometric shapes found in the ocean are filled with strong energy forces that can direct us to connect to our core.   When carefully observed, we discover how each shape reaches its own boundaries following a specific path, retracting to its origins, and perpetually renewing its structure.


Just as this cycle occurs in life/death/life processes, the spirals and archetypal forms found in sea- shells can lead us to renewal experiences and travel toward new inner horizons by using our intuition.


The symbols do not provide definitions or names; they act as intermediaries between the known and the unknown.


Seashells have a magical connotation. Their shapes evoke memories lost in time which cannot clearly be defined –  but conjure images of distant places, and sounds, tastes, and fragrances, which seem to have an essence, a communicating power, that brings pleasurable sensations of beauty, harmony and feelings of well being.


Consciously it is not easy to detect the origin of these emotions and sensations that transcend understanding, but we may speak of the  “hidden magic” contained in the forms and memories of childhood or perhaps of other dimensions that we ignore.


My paintings express my feelings and insights using forms from the sea as symbols and metaphors. I communicate the forms’ lightness and ethereal essence, opening many possibilities of perception about the magic of their structures, the power of their symbolism, and archetypal influence.


I invite viewers to travel through this magical net of shapes and, using their intuition, discover their own feelings and perceptions.