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SF, 2012 Acrylic, Wool And Wood © Evan Nesbit
September 7th, 2012 - October 13th, 2012

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Evan Nesbit presents selections from his ongoing exploration of painting and porosity in vision. Nesbit weaves together haptic images were in the porosity of various materials renders surface and space in painting  with greater dimensionality and articulation. We think we see a flat surface, but it never is purely flat, nor is it as smooth nor simple as it appears. With this as a jumping point Nesbit prefers fibrous fabrics where the paints and colors poke through, highlighting the spaces structuring and dotting the continuous surface, but more to the point the fluffy fibers obscure simplicity for clear vision, both ocularly and photographically. Our vision and perception is constantly disrupted.

Found objects, Painting titles, aesthetic form, process and techniques all fold in on each other while expanding possibility. Nesbit's Color palette and shape surfaces find traction in represintasion and exist as quasi-abstract painting,  such as  Pastoral, Boogie Woogie, Quick, BYRB among others. Evidence tying his oeuvre together are the leaf patterns that emerge within Leaf and Pastoral, and his use of afghan and sweater fragments work with comforts and haptic experiences of his home. Shapes shift, colors blur, emerge or pop. Nesbit's references slyly remind us of the trajectory of modernism, while paintings such as Jestorial and Frogger push to a wider interpretation of painting and space.

Evan Nesbit writes:

I am interested in the porosity and cognitive physicality of vision. I see pattern, color, and material relationships as visual devices that can challenge the pictorial space of painting and my habitual modes of perception. In my work the imbrication of pattern and materiality exist as expansive fragments of experience that create vision. I make jesting visual propositions, decidedly entrenched in the traditions of two-dimensional pictorial space while exploring the multifaceted language and syntax of painting as it relates to my own experiences. I constantly strive to create a level of intellectual uncertainty and spontaneous curiosity in my work. I recognize limitation and often strive for failure in abstraction because it has become more provocative.

 Evan Nesbit was born in Northern California in 1985. He received his BFA from San Francisco Art Institute in 2009 and his MFA from Yale University in 2012. In addition to exhibitions at Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles and Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco, Nesbit has participated in group exhibitions at Koki Arts and Motus Fort Gallery in Tokyo, Japan and Park Life in San Francisco, CA. Nesbit's work will be featured in the upcoming 2012 New Wight Biennial at UCLA. His work is included in many private collections as well as the Jimenez- Colon Collection in Puerto Rico and Sierra College Collection in California. Nesbit currently lives and works in Nevada City, CA, and attended the reception here in Tokyo on Friday, September 7th.