Black Mass

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© Courtesy of the artist & Brand New Gallery
Black Mass

Via Farini 32
20159 Milan
September 26th, 2012 - November 3rd, 2012

Tue-Sat 11-1, 2:30-7


Brand New Gallery is delighted to present Black Mass, the first Italian one-man show by Canadian artist Jason Gringler.

The exhibition, which has been specifically conceived for the space of the Milan gallery, is composed of a monumental site-specific wall installation, Untitled (Biography / Second Version), which consists of a grid of broken and fragmented mirrored glass.  It is an intimidating work in which the spectator becomes part of the reflective, convulsive and multidirectional framework.  Its construction borrows from the lexicon of architecture and one becomes lost in a fascinating interplay of minutiae and subtleties of light.  The use of mirror in Gringler’s work acts as a window, allowing for a distillation of the urban landscape surrounding his Brooklyn studio. 

Industrial materials such as Plexiglas, mirrors, acrylic and spray paint are sectioned and overlapped in order to render, through the reflection of light, a disquieting depth on a two-dimensional plane; the organisation of these materials create lines that compresses space and create new perspectives on the metropolitan environment. The limited palette with sporadic flashes of artificial colour, also make reference to the greyness of factories and the lack of focus within urban existence.  Gringler borrows minimalist aesthetics to contribute to a veiled narrative through continuous symbolic and iconographic references.  The crosses are determined by the joints of the painting’s stretcher bars and the X’s set in to the whirling compositions declare the artist’s desire to challenge traditional window-like access to painted works, harkening back to a primordial language.  Gringler’s work revolves around a simulated aesthetic of violence, expressed in the physical processes of destruction, deconstruction and reconstruction.  The work develops according to a continuous self-cannibalisation where each work is generated by the analysis and reworking of previous bodies of work. 

This exhibition was initially conceived on a platform of boredom, in the obsessive observation of repetition within modern and banal forms that follow in rapid succession in Western industrialised civilisation. In addition, the exhibition will be interrupted by a solid black monolith; an imposing primary sculptural form that inhibits access to the spaces of the gallery. This large work is configured as a kind of ready-made, allowing the artist to contribute to the organisation of chaos, while each individual painted work is equally characterised by its own solemn and physical presence.


Jason Gringler was born in Toronto in 1978. In 2001 he gained a first-class honours degree at the Ontario College of Art and Design. His work has been displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is present in important private collections in Europe, Canada and the USA.

He currently lives and works between New York and Toronto.