MEET TAIPEI :Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Exhibition

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MEET TAIPEI :Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Exhibition

181, ZhongShan N. Road, Sec. 3
July 28th, 2012 - September 16th, 2012

United States
+886 2 25957656
Sun-Sat 9 AM -10 PM


Shanghai oil painting and sculpture emerged against the backdrop of the introduction of Western learning to the East. Several generations of artists created a series of works reaching professional standards and academic heights with their intelligence and wisdom, and formed and all-inclusive open temperament and an exquisite and elegant urban character. This temperament and character of the city of Shanghai originated from the spirit of the Shanghai culture, and in turn diversified and developed the cultural personality and artist characteristics of this city.
“Meet Taipei – Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Exhibition” gathers 33 works by 21 Shanghai artists in 24 groups including the representative works of artists active on Shanghai’s modern art stage and even the international art stage such as Yan Peiming, Ding Yi, Zhou Changjiang, Chen Yanyin, Yang Dongbai and Li Xiangyang, basically reflecting Shanghai’s mainstream creations of fine arts. Most of these artists are from the Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute. Some of them are committed to studying the modernity of the pattern language, go ahead of various domestic artistic creation institutes in terms of colors, structures and materials, and gradually form modern Oriental aesthetic temperaments and artistic pursuit. Some make efforts to express urban sentiments, form exquisite, elegant, fine, moderate and nostalgic urban feels and tastes, and lay a foundation for this city’s most prominent cultural and artistic characteristic. There are also some artists who attach importance to personal feelings and subjective consciousness, keep looking for connection and balance between their artistic appeals and international artistic trends in an individualized state of creation and life, and keep looking for their peculiar styles and patterns. The exhibition fully showcases the academic level and creative strength of modern Shanghai arts from three perspectives : the pattern language, urban sentiments and personal feelings.