Performance Perimeters Symposium

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see me, see you, 2005 Installation/ Painting/ Performance/ Interaction © Rob Bos
November 2nd, 2005 - November 6th, 2005

mixed-media, digital, installation, video-art, performance, surrealism, sculpture



From November 2 – 6, 2005 New Dance Horizons and Neutral Ground in association with Curtain Razors and Sakewewak hosted a Performance Perimeters Symposium and a Performance Creation Canada Conference. The objective of these activities was to bring together in one room all the performance/performance arts to actively discuss and engage in a formal and informal context the practice, it’s links and extensions to interdisciplinary activity, and how it informs the evolution of new practices and thoughts to more traditional forms and frameworks of creation. MJ Thompson from New York was the writer in residence for the entire event and through out the week provided access and animator contexts to develop and bridge the links.

With our event the Regina Performance Creation Canada conference interfaced seamlessly with the Performance Perimeters Symposium with performances and conference events happening in over eight locations through out Regina. The symposium provided delegates with a better understanding of Regina and Saskatchewan, its commitment to evolving interdisciplinary practices, showing the evolution of those historical traces and how the region has a unique aesthetic due to its cultural history, proximity to the aboriginal community and its history of collaborative, conceptual creation. In this inclusive environment all forms were on the same meeting ground where the similarities and differences of each were viewed and discussed in a constructive atmosphere, developing a greater understanding of the processes used to create performance art and sharing these creator insights with the audiences in attendance.

Panel discussions took place on Curating and Criticism and Audiences and Economies; performances were interwoven through out the day and evening, with the final conference and symposium day culminating in an excellent brunch and roundtable where an evolving conversation continued. It was apparent in Regina that this region is “creating community through performance.” Over the five days, audiences and participants met with each other, forged new relationships and partnerships with other professionals from across Canada, Berlin, and Mexico City.

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