NO JOKE: A Group Show

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Mixed Media 12" X 12" © Jeff Gillette
NO JOKE: A Group Show
Curated by: mat gleason

974 Chung King Rd.
90012 Los Angeles

June 9th, 2012 - July 8th, 2012
Opening: June 9th, 2012 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Other (outside areas listed)
(323) 480-7852
Thurs - Sat, 1pm-6pm | Sun, 1-4pm & by appt.
cartoons, cartooning mixed-media mixed-media installation, graffiti/street-art, pop, surrealism, figurative, sculpture


A look at contemporary artists using a cartoon-based vocabulary with all “Pop” & “Commercial” references extracted and removed.  

Rochelle Botello creates mixed-media collages on paper, and fabric sculptures that “engenders a kind of visual poetry that the written word lacks”, as stated in the Huffington Post.

Jim Caron is the long-time cartoonist for Coagula Art Journal and has been creating an interesting and unique vision of the world with pen & ink, a paint brush and a camera.

The Death Head grew up in Mexico and found inspiration for his artwork in the Day of the Dead traditions, while also embracing the attitude of the punk rock movement. The Death Head's artwork has appeared as part of the MF Gallery in both New York and Genova, Italy, and has made collaboration with Famous Stars & Straps, an American clothing line created by Travis Barker.

Carol Es is a self-taught Los Angeles artist. Her artistic nature was formed early, drawing cartoons beneath tables in bowling alleys. She attended school infrequently, instead working as a pattern cutter in the apparel industry with her family. Her work is fueled by childhood trauma, family dysfunction, memory and Jewish heritage.

Jeff Gillette has been pursuing the theme of urban blight of third world countries in his art for over 15 years. He has traveled extensively to many parts of the world, always veering off the beaten track and finding the worst parts of megalopolises, from Asia, Africa, the Americas and back to Costa Mesa, where he lives and works.

JERK is a graffiti artist, raised in East & South LA.

Turner Lange is the creator of the comic book “The Adventures of Wally Fresh”.

Jose Lozano was born in 1959 in Los Angeles. In 1960, he moved with his mother to her birthplace of Juárez, México. There, he found many of the cultural touchstones that continue to influence his work today – Mexican cinema, fotonovelas, ghost stories, comic books, and musical genres such as bolero and ranchera. Lozano prefers to work in a series and focuses on particular themes and topics, such as Mexican wrestlers, paper dolls, Mexican movie imagery, clowns, lotería, and figures in mid-air.

The Lethargic Artist operates ONE DOLLAR POST-IT ART, where he makes hand drawn pieces of original artwork for $1.