CAMMOVIE Videoart Platform

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© Courtesy of CAM Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum
CAMMOVIE Videoart Platform
Curated by: Antonio Manfredi

Via Duca D’Aosta 63/A
80026 Casoria
March 31st, 2012 - May 31st, 2012
Opening: March 31st, 2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

+39 0817576167
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday 10,00 am - 1,00 pm/ Saturday 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm


Notwithstanding the protest of CAM museum against the indifference of institutions – the permanent collection artworks are covered and substituted by photocopies – its agenda goes on. The absolute white of the Casoria museum frames a new event characterized by artistic internationality and by art/news: CAMMOVIE_Videoart Platform, curated by Antonio Manfredi, from March the 31st, at 7 pm, till May the 31st. Now its third edition, this digital container stimulates reflection and confrontation thanks to the artists views and to the images of the virtual reality providing a whole moving from the current human tragedies to the beauty of digital art. CAMMOVIE is proposing four section again: GOD-MEN, focused on the dictators and the consequences of their power; PROMISE LAND_From Lampedusa to Domitiana, showing the paths of the journeys of immigrants and the degradation they go through; STATE MAFIA_The performances of politics, centered on the relations between the government institutions and the criminal organizations; MAGMART VII ed., International festival of Videoart. In the part dedicated to the worldwide current dictators, GOD-MEN, videos use metaphors on their absolutistic power through images of military parades and armed repressions. Hundreds of men or women march before the tyrants with coloured dressing and identical smiles thus showing the homologation to the power and the will to delete any different identity. Any opposition daring to show itself is brutally deleted by these oppressors, God-men, through armed intervention. On the background a famous scene by Charlie Chaplin Il grande dittatore, dancing while embracing a globe and his grandeur ambitions, so similar to those tyrants that society accepts and does not fight. The section entitled STATE MAFIA_The performances of politics, focuses on the Italy relations between Mafia and Institutions. Here the web becomes the source of information to turn news into videoart. The images, the wiretapping, the witnesses dramatically follow to stress the concussion events among political, economic and criminal organization power. Task of an art involved in the social is to be offended by those unclear elements of power conditioning society by putting them on a video. The section PROMISED LAND, shows the one dreamt by immigrants which turns into the nightmare of barges landing to Lampedusa, into suffering faces, desperate getaways and objects reminding the pain which passed-by as portrayed in the pictures by Alessia Capasso during her stay on the island. Giacomo Sferlazzo, native from Lampedusa, shows in his video a poetic dialogue without words with the boats of the immigrants that which stranded on the Sicily island and presents the installation “Barchette” (small boats), claiming a humanitarian corridor in order to avoid the thousands of dead of the journeys between Africa and Europe (15.760 since 1988). The ambitions of immigrants landing to Italy are deluded by the difficult conditions they find in Campania region where they become emarginated and irregular, easily involved by criminal organizations. The new homeland offers a degraded life and lifelong precarious as witnessed by the black and white images by Giovanni Izzo. His portraits of “Domiziana” show a waste land where immigrants live in crumbling buildings, they camp under the bridges in tents similar to the ones arranged in Lampedusa, waiting at the bus stop to join an underpaid job in the fields or crowding the streets with prostitution. The last section is presenting the 7th year of cooperation with the international festival MAGMART_video under volcano directed by Enrico Tomaselli. This edition reached a number of 700 video circa coming from 70 different nations – a confirmation of the festival success and of the involvement in this kind of art. The jury made up of Agata Chiusano, Giuseppe De Marco, Sotiris Iliadis, Luca Magnoni, Antonio Manfredi, Enrico Tomaselli, Jose Vieira, online votes and selects videos. The 30 winning ones will become part of CAM permanent collection and enjoyable on occasion of CAMMOVIE at the video stands in the museum of Casoria.