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Kontinuum, 2011 © ARTAe Galerie
Curated by: Sabine Aichele-Elsner

Gohliser Straße 3
04105 Leipzig
September 9th, 2011 - October 29th, 2011

(+49) 341-355 20 466
Wed. - Sat. 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. and by appointment
line, point, collage painting, sculpture



In this exhibition design is connected as naturally and spontaneously to art
as art is to science. Material and technical precision are enthusiastically
measured here and result in a philosophical feeling. Both artists lead the
viewer into spaces that feel wide open and draw you in. Viewers can quickly
involve themselves in thinking and visualizing which leads them to develop
their own world and moral concepts. The first impression in lightness and
multiple layers in regard to content connects the art that emerged independently from each artist though worlds apart, one in New York the other in Berlin.
The artist Sonomi Kobayashi, grew up in Japan, studied in New York with a student of Mark Rothko which has resulted in her tradition of abstract expressionism.
The artist Bettina Ludicke, living in Berlin, has roots more influenced by
Bauhaus and European classical modern. Despite these spatial differences
and backgrounds similarities exist in space and form which inspired the
purpose of this exhibition.

The drawings and paintings by Sonomi Kobayashi entitled "Connection", "Balance
and Tension" or "Cycle of Life" reveal her intellectual depth and background.
Associations to constellations and planets result in and tell of the view beyond
the world and refer, at the same time, to global connections. So, for example,
the theory of mathematical scientific thinking which has contexts in the
intellectual and material events is found here.

Continuum as stability and expansion results from the fourth dimension: time.
Time is needed to develop not only around artistic positions but also to develop
regard. One needs only to walk through the sheer and almost endless wire lines
of Bettina Ludicke, to see the space drawing you into the feeling of surfaces
without seeing movement and construction. New and unusual in her sculptures
is that strange elements are integrated, which disturb or also ground the airy
appearance of the wire lines. The purely abstract linear is broken, expanded
and maintained somewhat terrestrial, which lends a permanency to the objects.

Both artists exhibit for the first time together in our gallery arousing our
curiosity and resulting in new connections, references, associations and inspiration.

We are pleased that both artists will be present for the opening reception
and very cordially invite all to the opening on Friday, September 9th, 2011
at the gallery ARTAe.

Sabine Aichele-Elsner