Walter Bortolossi at Trieste

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The Congress, 2012 Oil On Canvas 100 X 80 Cm © Walter Bortolossi
“ John Rawls and Robert Nozick on David Letterman Show”, 2007 Oil On Canvas 200 X120 Cm © walter bortolossi
Walter Bortolossi at Trieste

Riva 3 Novembre, 1
34121 Trieste
March 14th, 2012 - April 10th, 2012
Opening: March 14th, 2012 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

+39 040 6722223
Viewing hours are two hours before each performance
post-pop digital conceptual, pop, surrealism, figurative, modern


Wednesday March 14 sees t he inauguration of a new collection of works by Walter Bortolossi.  The show, which will be held in the foyer of the Teatro Lirico “Giuseppe Verdi” from 18.30, will present eight new works created especially for the occasion.


Here, once again, we see the artist’s signature style: juxtaposed and layered images combined to create a pictorial collage whose narrative richness and complex meaning bring to mind the world of the enlightenment.  Nothing is random: each image reveals a clarity of purpose and intent, which in turn shed light on both the intricate web of thought patterns that underlie their construction and the personal vision and stance of the artist on the topical issues and most recent events of our times.  From these images a rich and powerful narrative emerges, one that is not simply  illustrative but also inventive and critical.


Bortolossi’s is a painting that opens up like a fan, gradually revealing meaning, gradually drawing in the viewer into its enveloping vision.  His works are often of a large dimension, offering ample scope for including a wide range of references as citations. However, is not their number that is important, not only because the multiplicity of elements is presented as a variation (on a theme) but also because the numerous nuances depicted beyond the foreground convey a rather unusual vertical perspective, where a kind of ‘false’ ground merges with the flow of gently undulating surfaces almost like a column of water were rising with all its force from the depth of the ground skywards.  In this sense, one can say that the images make an impression on the retina, albeit in vague, distant, evocative terms, almost like an emotional experience at the heart of the flow of present history. Nature and culture, instinct and pre-meditated action  merge together in a research into primitive worlds, as if subjected to a series of breaths or heartbeats. In his painting there is the rhythmic sound of distant music and the warmth of corporeal fragments, each brought into focus with the enthusiasm of one who never fails to find the right name to assign each thing, the most pertinent adjective, the most imaginative nuance., and yet who never misses  the opportunity to pass comment or make  the kind of caustic joke  favoured in the 18th century.


Many ingredients are added to Bortolossi’s melting pot:  from the Bollywood film industry to  the latest scientific theories,  from bizarre caricatures to  distorted portraits of cult American actresses , from the latest philosophical impertinence to the most recent religious entreaty, from (immaginetta populare??) to ultra-modern architecture,  etc. In the turbulent world of the artist there is no time to rest or decant the thought underpinning the painting. It is not by  accident that philosophers and thinkers often appear, minds that might endeavour to find within the depths of the  chaos, the possibility for action or solutions to a crisis situation.

The Trieste exhibition follows on from the success of Bortolossi’s retrospective at the Museo di Arte Moderna in Udine (held in 2010), the artist’s personal exhibition at the Gallery of  Louisiana State University, the Egbert Baque Contemporary Art Gallery in Berlin (2011), as well as his participation in a number of important group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Milan, Trieste and Udine.


The event, which is curated by Roberto Vidali and presented by Maria Campitelli,  has been realized by the  Associazione Juliet. On the occasion of the opening, refreshments will be provided by the Teatro Verdi Caffè.