First show featuring Contemporary Fine Arts in Rostov-on-Don

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Exterior view of the gallery Photography © Courtesy of 16th LINE
Untitled (Jail or Zeus / Uwe Bohm) Photo On Canvas, Painted 159 X 100 X 3,5 Cm © Jonathan Meese / Courtesy of Contemporary Fine Arts
Untitled, 2010 Pencil On Paper 64 X 65 Cm © Marc Brandenburg / Courtesy of Contemporary Fine Arts
Beach Teenager, 2009 Oil On Canvas 200 X 200 Cm © Tal R / Courtesy of Contemporary Fine Arts
Untitled, 2011 Coloured Woodcut On Paper 206 X 174 Cm © Gert & Uwe Tobias / Courtesy of Contemporary Fine Arts
Halcyon Days I, 8 - Silva Plana, 2008 Oil On Canvas 210 X 200 Cm © Michael Kunze / Courtesy of Contemporary Fine Arts
Cartwheel, 2010 Mixed Media Depth: 22 Cm, Diameter: 90 Cm © Anselm Reyle / Courtesy of Contemporary Fine Arts
First show featuring Contemporary Fine Arts in Rostov-on-Don

16th Line 7a
344019 Rostov-on-Don
South Federal District
Russian Federation
March 1st, 2012 - April 12th, 2012
Opening: March 1st, 2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Russian Federation
+7 (863) 250-68-41
Tue - Fr: 11am - 9pm; Sat - Sun: 12am - 9pm
photography, mixed-media, modern


After the opening of Perm Museum of Contemporary Art in 2008 and the young Art Biennale of Yeketerinburg in 2010, another new Russian art project is being established. Founded as a private initiative in 2009, 16th Line project in Rostov-on-Don, the largest city in the South Federal Region of Russia, is drawing international contemporary art lovers’ attention. In cooperation with leading international galleries and under the direction of Tatyana Provorova, 16th Line aims at expanding the international art market in the South Federal Region of Russia.

The 16th Line centre for contemporary art was initiated by private collector Evgeny Samoylov. The new 4-story building – located on the name giving “Line 16” in the city’s historic districts – offers more than 300sq space for public art exhibitions. Next to the gallery rooms, the 16th Line complex features a gourmet restaurant as well as an exclusive shop for art books and design objects. As part of each exhibition, 16th Line organizes a series of lectures and master classes created for the general public, moderated by top curators, artists and art professionals.  

“16th Line is not only a new venue for art enthusiasts and collectors in the Rostov region”, says project initiator and international spokeswoman Maria Sigutina: “In Rostov-on-Don we have created an exciting new venue for presenting the latest positions of contemporary art. Here, we want to establish a solid basis for the international art market. Hand in hand with each of our high-end exhibitions, we are offering a broad art educational programme to the public. With our team here and Berlin-based Russia expert Volker Diehl, who supervises the project, we see a unique opportunity to bring high-end art works to the region.”

For the first exhibition, opening March 2012, 16th Line presents over twenty works put together by Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin representing some of their most significant artistic positions. As Mark Gisbourne, author and Berlin art expert puts it in the accompanying catalogue: “…the work expression is a clue in itself, since much of the work exhibited by CFA revolves around systems and theories of expression and creative performance. This is to say in general that it is less conceptually based and more perceptually grounded. It naturally follows that many of its artists are painters who extend the pictorial role of perception rather than that of immediate conceptual abstraction. The distinction is the desire to create an affect rather than just an intellectual effect.”

With works by Marc Brandenburg, Michael Kunze, Sarah Lucas, Jonathan Meese, Tal R, Anselm Reyle and Gert & Uwe Tobias the opening show lays the foundation for the high quality and profiled choices of the 16th Line art programme, presenting highly aesthetical yet intellectually challenging works. Spanning painting, mixed-media works, drawings, sculptures and photography, the show offers a broad yet focused view on some of the most interesting artists today.