Cloud Gate: Recent SAIC Graduates

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© Courtesy of Monya Rowe Gallery
Cloud Gate: Recent SAIC Graduates

4 Rohde Avenue
32084 Saint Augustine
November 10th, 2011 - January 7th, 2012
Opening: January 7th, 2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Mon-Wed by appointment (please email); Thu-Sun 12-5


Monya Rowe Gallery is pleased to present Cloud Gate: Recent SAIC Graduates, a selection of painting and sculpture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago juried by Zak Prekop featuring Magalie GuerinNazafarin Lotfi, Carly Silverman, Sarah Sohn and Sean Ward.

Magalie Guerin: When asked what ‘kind of’ paintings I make, I reply that I paint abstract shapes and spaces in a representational way– meaning (hopefully) that I am using representation to create a potential for these characters, these environments to exist somewhere. Really. The ‘where’ is what I’m interested in. It’s thin and layered, rigid, broken, funny and/or nurturing. It’s grounded within flimsy borders and cracks.

Nazafarin Lotfi: I am searching for a particular moment-- a moment ago or a moment to come. I empty out my thinking by making, refusing any one thought dominance in its visibility. Almost everything is left out to compose a world exhausted of life.

Carly Silverman: In my paintings, I focus on themes of female identity and specific issues that accompany that identity.  Though my women wear girlish dresses and lounge in intimate spaces, seeming to embody these ideals, inside they struggle with insecurities born from a sense of failure.  The spaces my women find themselves in are distorted. 

Sarah Sohn: My paintings attempt to collapse centuries, muddling archetypes through metamorphic compositions in an attempt to link the history of painting from Rococo court paintings to pop culture. Forms are imagined to form new hybridized bodies, creating an atmosphere of predatory tension mixed with childish bubblegum fantasies.

Sean Ward: I wonder and that is the content of my work. An aesthetics of wonder is required to appropriate meaning through the physical matter of the body and the materiality of things in space. I am interested in how experience of the physical world, its form, and our form determine how and what we are capable of thinking.

Zak Prekop is a New York-based artist and a SAIC MFA Alumni (2008). Prekop attended the Staedelschule in Frankfurt in 2009 and has exhibited work at Zach Feuer Gallery, NY, Harris Liebermann Gallery, NY, and Shane Campbell, Chicago as well as being included in PS1/MOMA’s  “Greater New York” exhibition in 2010.