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Score for LOC Call Numbers, 2008 © Courtesy of the artist & Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans
August 6th, 2011 - January 29th, 2012

United States
504 528-3805
Wednesday - Monday, 11am to 5pm


EXPOSE is the first in a series of exhibitions in the Contemporary Arts Center’s (CAC) display windows facing St. Joseph Street. Curated by a group of interns in the Visual Arts Department and overseen by the Director of Visual Arts, this project is the result of numerous conversations about the possibilities and limitations of curatorial practice. Through this mentorship program, aspiring curators and artists gain invaluable experience into the process of organizing a project in a contemporary arts institution. EXPOSE provides a platform for fostering understanding and appreciation of the role of the curator by addressing pragmatic responsibilities and exploring compelling programmatic content.

For the inaugural EXPOSE project, Angela Driscoll, Taney Roniger, and Ying Zhu were asked to address the restrictions, while simultaneously embracing the potential for this unique, yet often overlooked space. Each of these artists share an interest in the ways in which communication and data are transferred and processed through varying techniques of repetition and pattern, paralleling those inherent in the natural world. The positing of each installation in a public space allows for multiple viewing experiences throughout the day and night by passersby as well as visitors to the CAC. By employing this unique exhibition space—considering its location, function, and potential for artistic experimentation—this initiative cultivates relationships locally, nationally, and internationally among contemporary artists, the public, and the CAC.