OSTRALE 011 Slaughterhouse Five

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Inner Values (Innere Werte) Single Channel Video Installation With Sound
OSTRALE 011 Slaughterhouse Five

Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst Messering 8
D-01067 Dresden
July 1st, 2011 - September 4th, 2011
Opening: July 1st, 2011 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

+49 (0) 351 - 653 37 63


Artists of the OSTRALE'011

Holger Vanicek / Belgium, Germany / installation space
Work: "All life is always held at the same time, feat. Sebastian YBBS "

Stephanie Abben / Germany / Painting
Work: "My home V - inner box", "my home VI - sainte baume," "my home VII - Hunted"

Helmut Bleiberschnig / Austria / painting to photography
Work: "Fallen from the Sky"

Felix Adler / Germany / photography, installation

Kara Andarini / Indonesia / Installation
Work: "Mendarat (Landing)"

Antoine Abi Aad / Lebanon / Illustration
Work: series "Kanji"

Petra Arnold / Germany / Photography
Work:  "Forget regret - Pandora", "wedding dress", "forget my name", "sookie sookie "," cannot see your face in my mind, "" Whole Lotta Rosie "," Blues for Sister Someone "You Can \ 't Gonna See Me Now, Do you think I'm sexy,  Bing, Bang Baby

Norbert Francis Attard / Malta / Installation

Agathe de Bailliencourt / France / installation-Painting

Inge Barié / Germany / Installation

Berthold W. Barasch / Germany / installation, painting
Work: "Skin 1", "Skin 2", "Skin 3", "My first day in this light," "The Cartesian lamb"

RuestungsschmiedeK. Andresen, P. Schambelan, M. Theban / Germany / Installation
Work: "9DPI"

Nico Baumgarten / Deutschalnd / Photography
Work: "Salvador Dalí vs. Abercrombie & Fitch "

Peter Bernard / Switzerland / sculpture
Work: "Rührnutsche", "Filter Press", "valve"

Sascha Berretz / Germany / Painting, mixed media
Work: series "Farnsworth House" series "Tugendhat House", "National Gallery", "McCormick House"

Richard Besancon / Germany / Painting
Work: "Congregation"

Martina Biesenbach / Germany / object, drawing, installation, photo
Work: "sit," "Vanished"

Robert Bishop / Object
Work: series "light cells"

Andrea Blumör / Germany / Painting

Betty Boehm / Germany / Video
Work: "Greta"

Hans Joachim Bölling / Germany / Installation
Work: "To the heroes of the Chaos," "My book hero"

Claudia Breuer / Germany / Object

Celesta Bufano / Italy / Painting
Work: "Senza titolo", "that's how it looks from up there", "the city that never sleeps"

Vestigio LimacCesar Campos, Alejandro Jaime Carbonel, Pozzi Escot Rustha Luna, Waskar Coello Chavez / Peru / installation, performance
Work: "HUACA"

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti / Thailand / Installation
Work: "The installation series of Untitled (Wishes, Lies and Dreams>> Tomorrow is Another Day ..."

Serge Cloot / Belgium / Installation

Chloé Comaans / Belgium / Installation
Work: "O thou rêve"

Denis O'Connor / UK / sculpture

Giacomo Costa / Italy / Photography
Work: series "plans"

Sandra Collée / Germany / Painting
Work: "24 Woman"

Robert Dämmig / Germany / Photography
Works: "Phenomenon", "Grid I - Palace of the Republic"

Frauke Danzer / Germany / Installation
Work: "So It Goes", "Toys of Trafalmadore"

Daniele del Grande / Italy / Installation
Work: "The Child Within"

Stefan Demming / Germany / Installation
Work: "Camping Ensemble"

Heinz Bert Dreckmann / Germany / Object
Work: "Tower," "Signs"

Elisabeth Eberle / Switzerland / Drawing
Work: "Fruit Series"

Martin Ecker / Germany / Painting
Work: "Compensatory", "Departure", "Forest Maze", "flagellation"

Miriam Elburn / Germany / mixed media, installation
Works, "Peacock", "A Pilgrim Song: Only on the earth will speak of my own accord"

Gustavo Espinosa / UK / Photography
Work: "The intensity of Loss"

Albrecht Fersch / Germany / Installation
Work: "The Nest", "The Ummichherumangehäufte"

Willi Filz / Belgium / Photography
Work: "People of nowhere - Europe begins in Africa"

Filip Firlefijn / Switzerland / Painting

Gudrun Fischer Bomert / Germany / Painting
Work: "Red Canoe", "" Dark Boot "

Klaus Frahm / Germany / photography, installation
Work: "Julia-X"

C. U. FRANK / Germany / Painting

Mavi Garcia / Germany / Installation
Work: "Go away"

Rolf Giegold / Germany / sound installation
Work, "kills"

Bernard Gilmant / Plastic

Patricija Gilyte / Germany / sculpture, mural
Work: "Moss", "tandem" Sugar Relief

John Goebel / Germany / photography, sound installation
Work: "EVOL"

Eugenia Gortchakova / Germany / video installation, C-print, painting
Work: "Breakfast in Rublyovka"

Tina Guenther / Germany / Painting
Work: "You sleep here today"

Alexander Gutsche / Germany / installation, collage
Work: "Spider Country," "Trading Cards I", "Trading Cards II", "Trading Cards III," "Trading Cards IV"

Angelika Haak / Germany / Video Installation
Work, "Portrait of the Known Dead," "almost every communication is a chain of misunderstandings"

Alexander Habisreutinger / Germany / installation space
Work: "Module 3"

Sophia Hadjipapa-Gee / Cyprus / video art, painting, installation, object
Work: "Life is elsewhere"

Marianne Halter, Mario Marchisella / Switzerland / Video Installation
Work: "The Conductor's fear of the soloist-th small pieces for violin"

Friederike Hammann / Germany / installation, installation, interaction
Work:  "Passengers", "cup" light shadow "space bar" "Hommage_a_Mondrian", "Neighborhood," "planet with satellites," "bathe"

Uli Happenings / Germany / Video

Katja Hammerle / Germany / Photography
Work: "No matter how blue," Associated "

Stefan Hauberg / Germany / Installation

Bertram Haude / Germany / Photography
Work: "get results"

Michael Douglas Hawk / Germany / Installation
Work: "Trans-formation"

Ulrich Heemann / Germany / Photography
Work, "Minako 1", "Minako 3", "Minako 7"

Judith Heinsohn / Netherlands / Installation
Work: "Consider"

Frank Herrmann / Germany / installation, object
Work: from the series "retreat"

Heike Herzog / Germany / Graphics
Work, "Serie insight"

Karin Hilbers / Germany / printmaking
Work, "off", "morning pangs"

Susanne Hoffmann / Germany / Photography
Work: "Equilibrium # 1-3", enraptured # 1-5 "

Antka Hofmann / Germany
Work: cyanotypes from the series "Reaper"

Helge Hommes / Germany / Installation
Work: from the series "Waldesruh", from the series "... the emptiness as a garment"

Andrea Huyoff / Germany / wall painting, photo
Work "(mushroom)"

Bert Jacobs / Netherlands / Painting
Work: "Zonder titel"

Michael Johansson / Germany / Installation
Work: "1.5 m", "Tetris"

Kwanyoung Jung / Germany / Painting
Work: "hill", "hill"

Herwig Kemmer calibration / Germany / sculpture, objects
Work: "Eliija's Ball"

Frank Keutgen / Belgium / installation space

Kerim Kilic Arslan / Turkey / video / sound installation
Work: "tree", "throwing the soil into grave"

Heike König / Germany / installative drawing
Work: "Model 2"

Stefanie Koerner / Germany / Painting
Work: "Super = Ursel"

Gunnar Krempin / Germany / architecture sculpture, light installation

Janek Kruszynski / Germany / Installation
Work: "Roof"

Ludwig Kuckartz / Germany / visual installation
Work: "dugout"

Vered Lahav / UK / Photography
Work: from the series "Legend"

Peter Langenhahn / Germany / Photography
Work: "Motocross", "Basketball", "jumping", "gymnastics" from the "time-angle"

Lena by Lapschina / Austria / Video
Work, "inner values", "17 seconds of art"

Elmar Lause / Germany / Painting
Work: "The Joker"

Lawick Müller / Germany / Photography
Work: "Audio Guide", "Thälmannplatz"

Dietmar Lehmann / Germany / Installation
Work: "3.Advent"

Simone Letto / Germany / Painting

Sigrid von Lintig / Germany / Painting
Work: "ergometer driver," "Sisters"

Joseph Marr / Australia / New Video
Work: Series 'Mediation'

Carol May / Switzerland / installation space
Work: "nightmare"

América Méndez / Germany / Photography
Work, "Untitled I", "Untitled III" from the series "The weddings of Casanova"

Marco Mielczarek / Germany / haptic Photography
Work, "not close", "Adelaide", "had no longing"

Tesa Hammerstedt Grünberg / Germany / Plastic
Work: "Santander kacke dog"

Virginie Noël / Photography / Belgium

Monika Ortmann / Germany / sculpture
Work: "Amazons 1"

Erkan Ozdilek / Turkey / Painting

Francois du Plessis / South Africa / Installation
Work: "Art 1982-2010", "Fair Weather", "Harlequin," "The Story of Art"

POM / Sculpture

Wibke Rahn / Germany / Drawing
Work: "Life sciences" / object / "dwellings"

Tom Backe Rasmussen / Germany / sculpture
Work: "World Risk Society"

Thorsten Robok / Germany

Brydee Rood / New Zealand / installation, performance
Work: "The Waste Whisperer"

Ekatharina S. Savtchenko / USA / Painting
Work: "Hands of Creation 21", "Dance of the Earth I '
Monika scraper / Germany / printmaking
Work: Three Works from the series "territory"

Heinz Schmöller / Germany / Video Installation
Work: "Sheep"

Thomas Schonauer / Germany / CT Painting
Work: "In the Wall"

Anne Kathrin Schreiber / Germany / Object
Work: "Inventory", "milk coffee", "Frank", "Pauline," "Twins"

Ulrike Schüchl / Germany / Installation
Work: "Wasserschöpferin"

Daniel Schulze / Germany / Installation
Work: "For those who see"

Joachim Seinfeld / Germany / Photo Installation
Work: "bomb business"

Berndnaut Smilde / Netherlands / Installation
Work: "Conditioner"

Selene States / Great Britain / interactive video installation
Work: "Lipstuck"

Dennis Tan / Germany / Installation
Work, "Balancing on a thin line"

Andreas Techler / Germany / Installation

Holger Trepke / Germany / Object
Work: "Water Lease," "Lovely Rita"

Alexander Voigt / Germany / Graphics
Work: "time shifts"

Michael Volkmer / Germany / wall installation
Work: "Petersburg 3"

Dirk Wagenknecht / Germany / kinetic-rhythmic installation
Work, "Untitled"

Petra Deta Weidemann / Germany / installation, video

Fabian Wendling / Germany

Romain Van knowledge / Belgium / Painting
Work: "Trop peu de faits sont Sur", "La tendance est à la boom"

Maik tungsten / Germany / Painting
Work: "I could have done this"

Christoph Ziegler / Germany / Installation
Work: "Urbs - The City"

David Zimmerman / Germany / Painting
Work: "Tulku 1"

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