Crossroads : India escalate (India Pavilion)

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Creation of Adam, 2008 K3 Inks On Archival Canvas   132.08 X 264.16 Cm © Vivek Vilasini
Meatwords - Dystopia's Spillage  , 2006 Digital Print On Archival Paper   50.8 X 152.4 © Lakeeren Ggallery
Man with Cockerel , 2004 Video Projection On Bison Board   93.5 X 63  Cm
No Title (Scar), 2010   Wooden Chair, Paint On Fiber Glass, Neon, Stainless Steel And Glass Vitrine   141.09 X 91.44 X 91.44   © Sudarshan Shetty
Another Story of a City Square, 2011 Oil On Canvas 122 X 244 Cm
Amusement Park, 2008 Cinemascope, 5.19 Min, Single Channel With Sound, Ed 1/7   381 Cm Wide   © Gigi Scaria
10 Wrapped Scissors in a circle, 2005-2008 Red Wool And Objects 82.85 X 82.85
Pledge II, 2008 Acrylic And Holographic Pigment On Canvas, Three Panels 96"X 144"Overall (244 X 366 Cms) © Nature Morte
Yog Raj Chitrakar: Memory Drawing VI (18:00) (Brussels: Queen) Digital Photograph On Archival Paper   73.66 X 110.49  
Take Away Metal, Wood 73.66 X 40.64 Cm 100 Pcs  
Che in Congo  , 2008 Watercolor On Paper Set Of 8   25 X 25 Cm
Total Internal Recall, 2008 Digital Print On Arches Textured Paper And Single Channel Video Played In Loop Print 105 X 138 Cm Video 1.40 Mins
Feed Kill (Video Stills), 2010 Single Channel Video, Hdv, Colour, Sound   8:30 Min © Project 88, Mumbai
Untitled (Donkey), 2010 Sand, Fibre, Matt And Raisin 96.52 X 165 X 58.42  Cm
Charlotte, 2011 White Indian Carara Marble, Brass Legs With Nylon Fish Wire, Found Spiders In Brass, Unpolished Fresh Water Pearls 66.04 X  36.56 X 36.56  
He Wore Them Like Talismans All Over His Body, 2008 Ink, Acrylic And Tea On Fabriano Cold Pressed Paper 138.43 X 184.15 Cm
The Staircase Project, 2008 Recycled Wood Model, 12 Digital Prints On Archival Paper Model 58.42 X 15.24 X 21.59 Cm Prints 20.32 X 30.48 Cm
Confused Shadow  , 2011 Teak Wood And 40 Watts Bulbs, Ed Of 3 Variable  
Garland, 2006 Mix Media On Canvas 152.4 X 91.44   © Gallery Maskara, Mumbai
Sperm Weaver I to IV, 2009 Digital Print On Hahnemuhle Paper 60.96 X 81.28 © Gallery Maskara, Mumbai
Untitled (Mask) from the Self Portraits series, 2010 Ball Pen On Paper   93.98 X 119.38   © Gallery BMB, Mumbai
Crossroads : India escalate (India Pavilion)
Curated by: Kanchi Mehta

Želivského St. 2
Czech Republic
May 19th, 2011 - September 11th, 2011

photography, mixed-media, digital, installation, video-art, conceptual, figurative, sculpture


19 May – 11 September 2011

Vernissage - India Pavilion - 18 May 2011

The Prague Biennale, directed by Helena Kontova and Giancarlo Politi is one of the most important art events in Central Europe. Curated by Nicola Trezzi, the 5th edition of the Biennale presents new realities in art, and emerging artists from Europe and around the world. Prague Biennale has pushed its organizers to face amazing challenges, but these constraints represent a move towards new horizons, new solutions, and new exhibiting philosophies.

This year, Prague Biennale 5 introduces for the first time a pavilion dedicated entirely to India, exhibiting 22 established and emerging artists. Titled “Crossroads: India Escalate”, the exhibition is curated by Kanchi Mehta, a curator and art connoisseur from India. The Pavilion is supported by the Indo-European Association of Fashion and Design, as well as MK Search, which is an initiative dedicated to propagate contemporary art from divergent cultures.

The main underlying theme of the exhibition is to reflect the shift in contemporary art and culture practices in India since the last few years. It is the sheer evidence of the changing mindset of the generation, and has become a paradigm for the standing of Indian art internationally. Indian contemporary art is gradually acquiring an important role within the cultures in the global realm, and artists have been boldly inspired by this very transformation. They have been listening, questioning and observing this phenomenon and have developed an aesthetic through which they are documenting it.

A crossroads is "An intersection of two roads, a place where ideas, both physical and abstract converge or diverge." This juncture is a threshold for anyone to make the decisions that lead to transformation of what is left behind, and what is to come.

There are 22 Indian contemporary artists who I have selected to participate in the exhibition. The selection involves established as well as emerging artists who have been producing cutting edge and conceptual works, compounded with several materials and visual languages. They interpret social and economic currents, which question the prevailing issues and are laden with philosophical adaptations of the truth as they see it. Each of the artists selected in this exhibition interpret their intimate perception through a myriad of profound visual languages. From social concerns to personal expression, the artists continue to delve into the labyrinths of their processes to participate and contribute their aesthetic, engaging themselves within the global sphere on equal terms.


Anita Dube, Avinash Veeraraghavan, Charmi Gada Shah, Gig Scaria, Justin Ponmany, Minam Apang, Monali Meher, Nikhil Chopra, PS Jalaja, Ranbir Kaleka, Riyas Komu, Sakshi Gupta, Sarnath Bannerjee, Shah Betancourt, Shine Shivan, Shreyas Karle, Sonia Jose, Sudarshan Shetty, T. Venkanna, Tejal Shah, T.V. Santosh, Vivek Vilasini