Forced Empathy - Anchored Monument I

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Forced Empathy - Anchored Monument I, 2011 © João Vasco Paiva
Forced Empathy - Anchored Monument I
Curated by: Nana Seo Eun-A

Shop B, Lower Ground, 89-95 Hollywood Road, Central,
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
May 20th, 2011 - June 8th, 2011
Opening: May 20th, 2011 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Hong Kong
+852 61440450
11am - 8pm
Hong Kong installation, contemporary art mixed-media digital video-art, conceptual


Forced Empathy - Anchored Monument I
EXPERIMENTA presents a new installation by João Vasco Paiva

Date: May 20 - June 8, 2011
Venue: EXPERIMENTA, Shop B, Lower Ground No. 89-95 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong
Opening reception on May 20(FRI) 7pm

Moving across the fields of video, sound, performance and installation, João Vasco Paiva (b. 1979) has been developing a peculiar body of work in which the conducting line might be the need tograsp abstract inner scores hidden in the depths of certain situations. When highlighted, these scoresrepresent more of a pragmatic approach than a theoretical response to the mechanisms of media art.It is natural then, that the artist develops a need to restrain these translations to the behavior of therepresentational medium itself, instead of transposing them into a new form.

The installation presented at EXPERIMENTA, Forced Empathy - Anchored Monument I, questionsthe ineluctable relationship between recording and reproduction, by addressing the fundamentalconstraints of visual documentation. The work also explores the notions of “subject” and“observer”, “input” and “output”, and therefore emphasizes the documentation medium itself.

In this audio visual installation, the artist uses computer programming to freeze an orientation buoyin the center of the frame, being its movement acquired by the background - an exercise on theformal and technical implications of time based documentation. This translation creates an alteredvisualization of the framed object, resulting in a nauseant yet hypnotic viewing experience. Areflective and exaggerated change in perception that caricatures our relationship with mediatedknowledge.


“There is again a process of architectonic abstraction at work here, as the entire system of representationalobject-functions is reduced to a setting blithely following the forceful object at the center of the frame. Andthe valorous commitment to an evaluation of the limits and potentials of visual strategy through themechanisms of environmental instrumentation is again key to this project; what is new with this video workis an implicit critique of the status of the monument, ideologically delimited by a reversal of the conventionsof framing” - Robin Peckham


About the Artist:
João Vasco Paiva is a Portuguese artist based in Hong Kong since 2006. Presented in the forms ofinstallation, video, digital print and sound recording, his work delves into issues of mediumspecificity and explores new methods of composition through the interference in specific situations.His work has been presented in festivals such as: Hong Kong Biennial Awards, Moscow Young ArtBiennial, Athens Video Art Festival, International Festival of Electronic Language at Sao Paulo,London Exploratory Music Festival, 2Pi Festival and The Creators Project, among others. Since2008 he participated in several exhibitions in Athens, Beijing, Berlin, Brisbane, Budapest,Campinas, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, New York, Moscow, Porto, Prague and Vienna.Most notable collaborations include “Tactical Overload” with Zbigniew Karkowski in 2010 and“Decelarator” with Alexander Hacke ( Einstürzende Neubauten ) in 2011. (


EXPERIMENTA is the most emerging independent art space in Hong Kong, hosting various international programs and supporting young artists in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta, China.
CATARACT : Nadim Abbas solo exhibition at EXPERIMENTA, has been selected as the best show of 2010 by Art Forum China and Time Out Hong Kong. The programs are supported by Director Gina Wong See Yuen, she is co-founder of EXPERIMENTA and had been a board member of Para/Site Art Space for 6 years. Recently, EXPERIMENTA presents For:tune, //FREE RIDER //: art book project “消失點- Vanishing Point: How to disappear in China without a trace” and PUFF-Pineapple Underground Film Festival in Hong Kong. ( )

About the Curator:
Nana Seo Eun-A is a Hong Kong based curator and art researcher, born in Busan. Nana Seo has been working at various international projects in museums, creative art spaces, and art festivals in Asia, her selected works are included at 8th Gwangju Biennale 2010; APAP 2010; October Contemporary 09’; LOOP Video Festival 09’; 3rd Guangzhou Triennial 08’; Shanghai eARTs Festival 07’; 52nd La Biennale de Venezia 07’. In Hong Kong, she has curated //FREE RIDER //:(2011) ; DUBBLE HAPPINESS: A Story of Siamese Cities (2010) ; Night Light Graffiti (2009) ;Quick Shots (2009) ; FEIGNED INNOCENCE - The other eyes (2009) and more. Her writings have been featured in art IN ASIA, art in culture and ISSUE magazine. Recently, she has been selected as ‘Global Korean’ curator in 2011. (


Nana Seo (Curator)
+852 61440450

Shop B, Lower Ground No. 89-95 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong