Contact 2011: Figure and Ground Exhibition

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Contact 2011: Figure and Ground Exhibition
Curated by: Mahrokh Ahankhah

382 Queen Street East
April 30th, 2011 - May 31st, 2011
Opening: April 5th, 2011 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Corktown / Distillery District / Harbour Front
Queen Gallery photography, mixed-media, performance


This month, Queen Gallery will explore issues of war and censorship in Contact 2011: Figure and Ground.  Here, four Iranian artists will explore their homeland and its social and political complexity with two shows: Landscape, Revolution, People and West by East.


From April 30th to May 31st, Ali Kamran, Aydin Matlabi, and Gohar Dashti will present Landscape, Revolution, People.  Here, they depict their feelings of their homeland and how it has changed from the beautiful imagery of ancient Persia, to today’s Iran after the Islamic Revolution.  Although the Iranian people depicted in the images are the main focus, these figures have been shaped, both inwardly and outwardly, by the land surrounding them.


In addition, Shadi Ghadirian will present her solo exhibition West by East, a study of women and censorship. Ghadirian sets the women against a plain backdrop and allows the symbolic use of the black marker and the black shadows to represent how women feel and how they are treated in Iranian society.


Queen Gallery welcomes you to this enlightening exploration of Iran and its people.  These four artists represent the future of Iran and their works suggest that they have not rejected their homeland; rather they have embraced it and can envision it once again as a land without war and censorship; a people and a land with the potential for peace.