Insiders - Practices, Customs, Know-How

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October 9th, 2009 - February 7th, 2010
Opening: October 9th, 2009 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Parallel to all this hurricane, arc en rêve centre d’architecture and CAPC musée d’art contemporain joined forces to realize the exhibition “Insiders – practices, customs, know-how”. The original statement is extremely clear about the aims and objectives of this project.

In the face of a new global culture ridden with social and economical crises, new forms of solidarity have arisen in the light of ecological awareness and a new found faith in politics. They allow for the affirmation of new systems of organization and trade founded on cooperation and the open sharing of knowledge.

Insiders bears witness to a new way of looking at different customs and know-how emanating from singular cultures and territories. The modernization and modes of transmission of this popular knowledge ― or folk-lore ― operates within a global system and inside of local contexts. They highlight the complexity of identities shaped by the appropriations, transformations and combinations without witch such contemporary singularities would not emerge.

This two-fold exhibition, devised as an archipelago of artistic and architectural proposals, combines and assembles a series of recent works, projects, works-in-progress and commissions.

There are several symptoms of a general reconfiguration of the role and position of architecture (and architects) within our societies. These are gathered together to generate a new discursive landscape of alternative practices. It can happen in Madrid, in Tirana or in Montréal. It was the case at the past Venice architecture biennale, at least in the section curated by Emiliano Gandolfi. It probably will be the case again in Shenzhen and Hong Kong later this year. One question can emerge from all this: is it possible that the renewed attention of the Situationists work, or of  lateral figures as Yona Friedman, Cedric Price or other practices away from the architecture with a big A (Gordon Matta-Clark, Robert Smithson and Dan Graham; the ’60s radicals, etc…), that was typical of the early ’90s has come to a point of maturity now, being translated into new works and positions? Within this dynamic scenario, the way contents are communicated becomes crucial. Web-sites and blogs are not just digital catalogues of the shows, but function as parallel projects that allow to enrich the dialogue about the issues and themes raised in the localized exhibitions, reaching the audience that can’t and won’t anyway, attend the venues where these are installed. These tools work with time in two different ways: using simultaneity so as to promote a fluid dialogue between the participants and the audience and using the chronological sequence characteristic of the blog format so as to imitate the timeline of an actual visit to an exhibition (it is far more interesting when the online material of an exhibition is distributed according to time rather than space - how frustrating to have online imitations of the rooms and spaces of a museum collection or temporary show!). The “Insiders” blog is following this approach, distilling progressive and deep insights in the works of the participants. Often their interventions are based on participative and open processes, so the blog allows to follow the various developments. It is possible to find visual galleries, as these pictures by Canadian sculptor Kim Adams, who is documenting the DIY houses of North America as a source of inspirations for his work since the ’70s.



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