Social Security

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Social Security
Curated by: Christina Kerns

October 14th, 2010 - October 21st, 2010


Bond Street Gallery is excited to present our second group exhibition on October 14, 2010: Social Security. Christina Kerns curates her second show in conjunction with Bond Street Studio including work ranging from collage, photography, and constructed installations. Bond Street Gallery is excited to be a part of the growing art presence in Brooklyn, and looks forward to opening its doors to other functions including workshops and classes soon!

The show will be exploring art that is created to shed light on the subversion of the world’s ‘well being,’ and how we undermine some of our greatest ideals – including health, liberty and safety. Although we discuss many prominent dark issues in our society, often times we do very little to actually change our actions and affect outcomes. Issues ranging from child obesity, kidnappings, environmental devastation, gender discrimination and lack of health care for poor saturate the covers of our newspapers and computer screens, but they never cease to reoccur. In this art, there is a push and pull between the beautiful aesthetic of the work and the shocking truth it depicts. 

Bond Street Gallery's past excellence as a traditional space is being reinvented in a different location, which will now accommodate new media such as sculpture, installation, painting, video etc. Once exclusive to photography Bond Street Gallery is now open to submissions from artists of all backgrounds. Our goal is to exhibit and present new and emerging talent and to make art accessible to all collectors. Social Security includes 12 artists from across the country and abroad.