Love Kills. Betting on the Muse

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Love Kills. Betting on the Muse

Hanauer Landstrasse 136
60314 Frankfurt
October 23rd, 2010 - October 31st, 2010
Opening: October 23rd, 2010 7:00 PM - 10:00 AM

49(0)1522/938 07 91
M, Tu, Th, F 6p-9p / Sa, Su 2p-5p
photography, mixed-media, conceptual, pop, figurative, sculpture


LOVE KILLS. „Betting on the Muse.“ Is an exhibition conceived by the artist Florian Heinke. The show brings Heinke’s series „Love kills.“ from the work „Black Pop.“ to a close. Whilst working through the final phase of this series he met the artist Sandra Mann. This turned into love, collaborative work, and a life together.

An appropriate prelude to the realization of the idea.

44 entirely different artists, unified around the axis of art.

„Betting on the Muse.“, (a quotation from and thereby indirect participation by Charles Bukowski), beckons each one of them to return to the origins of his work. What motivates an artist to get up every day and take his place in front of the canvas? The wood block or paper, behind the camera?

It’s a long time since the Muse was just a naked beauty. Rather the word encompasses the blaze of artistic endeavour in all its forms, from Richter through Paik to the photography of Klemm or Corbijn’s film direction. As diverse as they may be, however, one vision unites them all: One on one communication with their soul, far from the security of salaried employment or guaranteed advancement through diligence and exertion. Instead, it is a proud stance in regard to their ideals that unites them. This conviction, the love of his own work, pushes the artist to the boundaries of his own existence. Bas Jan Ader died in the high seas during one of his performances. Van Gogh cut off part of his own ear before shooting himself.

The artists and works were chosen for a variety of reasons. The most important criteria are the clarity of the work and a consistent position. Additionally the work should be especially interesting and relevant to the theme of the exhibition and the artist personally involved in it, or the artist should be of special significance to the hosts Florian Heinke and Sandra Mann, his works having had a lasting influence on them.