Luxuria et Avaritia: The New American Grotesque

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Luxuria et Avaritia: The New American Grotesque

1050 North Hancock Street
October 1st, 2010 - October 1st, 2010
Opening: October 1st, 2010 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

United States


We've all been there. that moment where you find yourself overcome with insatiable desires for extravagance, wealth, status and unattainable beauty. And who can blame you? We have been conditioned to believe the 'American Dream' is more than the pursuit of happiness, but the pursuit and fulfillment of unbridled overindulgence, extravagance and excess. These inflated and glorified ideals have imbedded our 21st century American culture, media and pop imagery and have in essence become a new dimension of what is 'The New American Grotesque.'

The reinvention of the grotesque in modern painting expanded during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with the emergence of psycholanalysis, mass media, photography and pop culture. The development of the modern grotesque was explored and utilized by surrealist, pop and modern artists who began incorporating elements of the grotesque in their redefinition of modern thought, culture and beauty. True to its tradition, the grotesque continues to evolve and challenge popular beliefs and culture. The works of Emily Burns, Morgan Thomas, Zach Osif and Beth Beverly Burns expose the exaggerations of today's culture while fusing the realist portrayla of struggle and suffering on the road to attainment for beauty, wealth and status.

Event Facts:
What: Luxuria et Avaritia: The New American Grotesque, featuring works by artists Emily Burns, Morgan Thomas, Zach Osif and Beth Beverly
Where: Vincent Michael Gallery
1050 N. Hancock St. #63 Philadelphia, PA 19123
When: Friday, October 1st - Saturday October 30th
Opening Reception, Friday October 1st 7pm - 10pm
More information: 215.399.1580 x. 704 or