The End

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The End

QUT Creative Industries Project
Cnr Kelvin Grove Road and Musk Avenue
4059 Kelvin Grove
February 16th, 2006 - March 11th, 2006
Opening: February 16th, 2006 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

07 3138 5495
Orange/Brown drawing


A Drawing Show 
H Block Gallery, QUT, Brisbane, Australia
February 16 - March 11, 2006

Gaile Addison, Chris Bennie, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Lance Blomgren, Anthony Burnham, Stephanie Chabot, Matt Drabowski, Suzanne Dery, Joey Dubuc, Lachlan Glanville, Lucy Griggs, Sonia Haberstich, Laura Hill, Chris Howlett, Natalya Hughes, Jeremy Hynes, Corinne Kennedy, Victoria Kent, Adam King, Francois Letourneux, Logan McDonald, MacLean, Billy Mavreas, Zoe Miller, Stephen Mock, Sebastian Moody, Day Milman, Natascha Niederstrass, Shaun O'Connor, Bre O'Neill, Sandy Plotnikoff, Jerry Ropson, Marina Roy, Jerome Ruby, Polly Samland, Carey Ann Schaefer, Eric Simon, Mark Soo, Justin Stephens, Beth Stuart, Jeremy Todd, Luke Turbitt, Niko Vuletic, James Whitman, Elizabeth Zvonar

The End is a happy beginning for the Canadian artist collective Orange/Brown (Lance Blomgren, Anthony Burnham, Joey Dubuc, Justin Stephens).

O/B has assembled an international roster of collaborating artists hailing from Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, LA, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to tackle the problem of "the end," to put to paper the final moments, or the closing moments of some real or hypothetical chapter. These works on paper are the sandwich boards of our eschatological and apocalyptic imaginations, whether located in the person, political, historical, or absurd. They are the last pages of a novel, or the closing credits of a film. This is "the end" for Orange/Brown. We may very well make ends meet, or stare into the blinding light of our own demise, or drift into the sunset, over the hills, and into the sun.