Beate Gütschow

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© Courtesy of Katz Contemporary
Beate Gütschow

Talstrasse 83
8001 Zurich
June 12th, 2010 - July 24th, 2010
Opening: June 11th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

+41 44 212 22 00
Wed-Fri 11-6; Sat 12-4 or by appointment


We are very pleased to present Beate Gütschowʼs first solo exhibition in Switzerland. The
internationally renowned artist is showing photographic works from the “S“ series (LightJet prints)
and the brand new “I“ series (Light boxes).
I Series – Staged Interiors
Beate Gütschow displays her most recent works in light boxes. Contrary to past work series, the
assembly of separate fragments, the montage, now occurs in front of the camera. The artist builds
the interiors in her studio before taking pictures of the scenario. Mundane objects are shown: an
ergonomic chair from the 1980s, an overhead projector or a car battery. Through the precise
staging, which resembles the methods used in product- and advertising photography, the objects
appear in a strange light and thus convey disparate associations at times.
S Series – Utopias of Modernity
Everything we see in her pictures is photographic fiction. Beate Gütschow first photographs the
basic material with an analogue camera in order to digitalise and archive the images on the
computer. She then chooses single pieces from this archival pool of images (at times from over
100 different images) for her final pieces. The large dimensions of her urban landscapes are
defined by an uncanny atmosphere: the urban spaces, assembled from many single fragments do
not show a certain place or event. They remain strangely undefined in spite of their precise and
highly determined arrangements. By working in black-and-white, Beate Gütschow refers to
documentary photography. She still develops an apocalyptical fiction in her pictures, however,
which shows aging modernity as a decaying utopia.
Beate Gütschow takes a singular approach within the field of photography by displaying the
technically manipulated photographic image as a highly artificial and precisely composed
Beate Gütschow (*1970 in Mainz, Germany, lives and works in Berlin) is represented in renowned
collections all over the world and has won several international prizes. In 2009 she presented a
solo exhibition in the Kunsthalle in Lipsiusbau, Dresden, as well as in the Kunsthalle in Nürnberg in
2008. Until 4 July 2010, numerous of her pieces will be on display at the Rudolphinum in Prague.