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Dark Reflections
Last Day Event
Curated by: Tameem Taqi

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April 9th, 2010 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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photography, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, sculpture


The Temporary Artistic Zone (TAZ) held its first exhibition in Bahrain on 9 April 2010 which, amongst other things, showcased the work of three French photographers: Maxime Acker, Alexandre Goubin and Simon Chauvin. 

Unlike other exhibition spaces in Bahrain, TAZ supports the organic and collective creation of an artistic space as performance art. The public was invited to participate in the creation of the fabric of the exhibition as well as view and enjoy the exhibition itself. The artists, their assistants, friends, family and a brave group of young architects all joined together to create TAZ’s first exhibition in a swimming pool complex in Burhama in less than 12 hours. The longevity of the exhibition was, like art and life itself, finite – a single night.

The exhibition had an environmental theme, with installations representing the effect of global warming and the wasteful society. The exhibited photos were arranged around a theme of man’s extraordinary relationship with the natural world.

The work of Maxime Acker can be contrasted with the dominant approaches of the movement called "land-art." He works in the media of photography and sculpture. His photographs speak to the fragility of the natural environment, while his sculpture was a robust and articulate reminder of man’s control over nature. Alexandre’s photos of oil as a living element captured a unique moment. 

Confirmed photographer, Simon’s work focused on landscapes. His goal was to capture those rare magical moments when the perfect light embraces nature in all its glory. His main influence comes from Ansel Adams, not only due to his stunning portfolio of the finest USA landscapes, but also to his absolute dedication at work: Ansel could spend days in the same remote spot, waiting for those 2 magical minutes every photographer is dreaming of. 

The event was well attended by local and international artists and patrons. 

TAZ is an organization inspired by the street art movement which flourished in the 1980s as a reaction against mainstream commercialism. TAZ challenges perceptions of art and art space by situating it in non-art contexts. TAZ’s goal is to explore concepts, ideas and aesthetic in surprising environments and to exhibit art in spaces which correspond with the theme of the exhibition. The sudden creation and installation of exhibitions challenges the dynamics of those random places and brings art closer to people.

TAZ is the brainchild of Alex Goubin and Tameem Taqi, both Bahrain residents, who were inspired by the diversity and aethetisism of the region.