Going Out of Business

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Danse of Death © Temporary Artistic Zone
Right & Wrong
More, more & more
Consumer of all lands, unite!
Going Out of Business
Curated by: Tameem Taqi

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July 9th, 2010 - July 22nd, 2010
Opening: July 9th, 2010 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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photography, mixed-media, installation, video-art, conceptual, modern, sculpture



With "Going Out Of Business"»Temporary Artistic Zone is exploring the delights of consumer society.
From the 9th to the 20th of July, come and experience the disturbing reflections of this collective art work. Will be showcased:

Consumers of all lands, unite! by French artist Maxime Acker

Consumer society is not any more the satisfaction of needs but the satisfaction of desires. So, everything becomes now consumable: ecology, spirituality etc… Then should’nt we redefine the symbols of  consumer society? In this work, Maxime Acker answers to this question with a certain humor, playing with the antagonism of symbols.

Right and Wrong by French artist Alexandre Goubin

This work from Alexandre Goubin is an illustration of the advertising paradox. Through the brand and its standardized products, publicity wants to build the individual. Thus, the artist is in the middle of a conflict between individuality and conformism.

This feeling of unease is well restituted by willingly unfocused images. Individuals are immaterial, ludicrously inadequate. The repetition of commercial messages transforms our behavior playing with our fears, our hopes and priding the ego. Thus, characters in the video parade as if they were mechanical dolls over the conveyer belt.

Nevertheless, those consumers are not yet domesticated. They are dancing, turning around and changing directions. They look down and ignore the guardians of consumerism whiling to tie them to a brand. This video installation is copying advertising codes. Simple and short messages are repeated over and again: dehumanizing technique that disturbs like this dummy with its disturbing presence.

DANCE OF DEATH  by Bulgarian artist Kremena Nikolova

It is a coherent series of sculptures, representing a set of anonymous, faceless little creatures. It highlights the question of "what exactly does it mean to be a human being today". The individual is reduced to the archetype of the generic being, the consumer. It gradually loses its physical identity and is stripped down to an empty shell. The composition of the spindly black bodies as a whole represents the missing link somewhere between the bar code and the community.

This work, composed of two parts - one feminine and the other masculine, is a cycle portraying exotic creatures set in the space of time. This enormous transformation reduces them to objects. They are engaged in a sinister dance, staggering on the border between life and death. They are an interpretation of the still image of a human being in its cyclic universal existence.

The dancers of "Danse Macabre" are following each other or replacing one another, it is difficult to tell. They are progressing from one position to the next, moving between absence and presence, as in a chronophotographic work.

This image of a man is a result of direct observation of our dematerialized society. It is both pessimistic and optimistic because the dancers are still able to get up, walk and follow their determination towards the tireless freedom of the individual and its kind.

More, more and more by French artist Chloe Goubin

This installation composed of a sery of photography displayed on fridges is an illustration of greed and the will to have more and more. The closed up pictures which are composing this disturbing serial reflects a shared feeling of disgust and sensuality: the attractive and repulsive side of consumer society. Individuals are trapped in their voluntary jail.