The Immortal

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The Immortal
Curated by: Achille Bonito Oliva

Via Guido Reni, 4/A
06 3210181 Rome
May 30th, 2010 - November 7th, 2010

06 39967350
Tue-Fri, Sun 11-7; Sat 11-10



The Gino De Dominicis exhibition represents the first and most exhaustive retrospective devoted to the artist who died prematurely in 1998. Running through the museum spaces from the entrance through to the spectacular Gallery 5, the exhibition investigates the principal thematic and iconographical issues tackled by the artist over the course of his highly original research that is particularly difficult to place within a precise trend or movement.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Friends of Gino De Dominicis Association, various museums and foundations, private archives, experts, galleries and collectors, over 130 works are on show and tied to the themes of the immortality of matter and entropy, the overturning of perspective and ubiquity, metamorphosis and evolution, invisibility, anti-naturalism, the suspension of time between remote past and future.

The theme of immortality that runs like a fil rouge throughout the artist’s entire poetic, is probed by De Dominicis through the most diverse forms and materials, from installations of objects to experimental video, from photography to painting and sculpture. This theme led the artist to experience the appeal of the infinite universe as revealed by the conquests of space or to rediscover ancient civilisations such as that of Sumeria, preceding the Greek rationality of the western logo.
For this reason the exhibition is not structured according to a linear chronological evolution, but rather around the coexistence and co-presence of the works. The exhibition is divided in three sections: the first in the Gian Ferrari hall, the second in the stairwell and third section in Gallery 5