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New Density Model 2, 2009 © Ryan Mandell
Ghost City 2, 2009 © Tim Portlock
Quilted House 1 , 2010 © Melissa Vogley Woods

128 North Oval Mall
columbus, ohio 43210
August 2nd, 2010 - October 7th, 2010
Opening: August 13th, 2010 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

United States
The Ohio State University
photography, mixed-media, digital, installation, conceptual, landscape, sculpture


Summer / Fall International Art Exhibition

houseWARNING Hopkins Hall Gallery, 128 North Oval Mall

Curators: Melissa Vogley Woods (Columbus Ohio) & Tina Beifuss (Dresden, Germany)

Director: Prudence Y. Gill   Gallery Associate: Berry van Boekel

International exhibition houseWARNING reflects on past and current housing crises and changing ideals of home and place.


A house is a structure that keeps us safe and provides comfort from the elements. However, the concept of a house has ever-shifting connotations. We see the house as status, as burden, as security, and as a symbol of accomplishment.


The concept for the international exhibition houseWARNING, began as a conversation between curators Tina Beifuss (Dresden, Germany) and Melissa Vogley Woods (Columbus, Ohio), while Melissa was in Germany as part of the Greater Columbus Arts Council Columbus/Dresden residency program in the fall of 2008. The onset of the US housing market collapse had begun, and their discussions centered on differences and similarities in cultural understandings of what constitutes a home: house vs. apartment; scale vs. convenience; comfort vs. location; urban vs. suburban; "ownership vs. renting."


Just as every house contains a story of promise, of political and economical goals, and of private lives, the artwork by the 22 artists represented in houseWARNING addresses concepts of home and place and confronts each artist’s experiences and perspectives of living in cities such as Cleveland, New York, Dresden, Columbus, Philadelphia. houseWARNING provides a visual commentary on the spaces where we live, and attempts to forge a new understanding of a dwelling as a window to an era.


This exhibition will open in Columbus this August and then travel to Dresden in spring 2011 for presentation at geh8, an arts cooperative in Dresden, Germany.

Participating Artists:


Leah Bailis  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Tina Beifuss  (Dresden, Germany)

Anja Brüggemann  (Columbus, Ohio)

Stefanie Busch  (Dresden, Germany)

Amy Casey  (Cleveland, Ohio)

Paul Elsner  (Dresden, Germany)

Matt Flegle  (Columbus, Ohio)

Eckehard Fuchs  (Dresden, Germany)

Elizabeth Gerdeman  (Columbus, Ohio)

Helma Groot  (Columbus, Ohio)

Scott Hocking  (Detroit, Michigan)

Esther Klaes  (New York, New York)

Maja Linke  (Dresden, Germany)

Michael Litzau  (Columbus, Ohio)

Ryan Mandell  (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania)

Fredrik Marsh  (Columbus, Ohio)

Ardine Nelson  (Columbus, Ohio)

Tim Portlock  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Guido Reddersen  (Dresden, Germany)

Jade Townsend  (New York, New York)

Susan Vincent  (Cleveland, Ohio)

Melissa Vogley Woods  (Columbus, Ohio)


Exhibition Dates:

August 2  October 7, 2010

Public Reception for Exhibition and GCAC International Residency Reception:

Friday, August 13 from 5 PM to 7 PM

Join us in welcoming 2010 Dresden artist Tina Beifuss and Stefan Lenke!

Hopkins Hall Gallery

Exhibition Location:

Hopkins Hall Gallery

128 North Oval Mall

The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio 43210


Parking Garage:

Ohio Union North

1780 College Road

Gallery Hours: