Dialogues: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture

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Dialogues: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture

1274 Library Street
Detroit, Michigan 48226
April 3rd, 2010 - June 16th, 2010

United States
Tuesday - Friday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday, 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm Private showings and consultations, by appointment only


Taurus Burns is inclined to paint, draw or sketch myriad subjects, yet his muse is the streets of Detroit and Highland Park.  These cities and their inhabitants have inspired many of the vibrant depictions in Burns’ work. The artist captures on canvas the essence of environments, spaces, faces and places─ even human dynamics─ to be contemplated or remembered (meaning, not forgotten). Unabashedly, the works reveal the artist’s profound interest in social and human dynamics, his appreciation for history, and his attention to that which might be created on these subjects for posterity’s sake.

In Burns’ own words: “At the heart of much of my figurative work is the desire for more intimacy in personal, family and social relationships.  Barriers to this intimacy are addressed, such as the historical complexity of racial boundaries as well as the more contemporary subject of unspoken boundaries between men.  In this desire for closeness is a conflict ─ the spirit longs for it yet the mind prohibits it.  My work is about addressing historical boundaries and dissecting such social restrictions.”  Burns earned a BFA from Detroit’s College of Creative Studies.

Sculptor Alice Smith has been working in glass since 1996.   Sculpture allows Smith the ability of agile grace to mold what comes to the artist’s spirit, to heart, to mind, and then to hand. The discipline of sculpting therefore permits Smith to form, shape and infuse concepts and experiences into creations of rare and elegant form. Significantly, the artist’s “cast glass” palette is replete with hues that lend fluidity, life, to hard and rigid materials.  “Dialogues” displays these magnificent renderings that the artist might have conceived in only a jot of the imagination─ Smith’s work of colorful, “soft,” and awesomely inspired objets d’arte.  In one word, splendid.

An instructor at Wayne State University, Smith earned a BFA in crafts with a concentration in glass from Detroit’s College of Creative Studies and a MFA in sculpture from Wayne State University. The artist has a deep passion for glass as an artistic medium.   When she pursued her MFA, there was no graduate-level glass sculpture program available in the Detroit area.  While at Wayne State University, and independent of her studies, Smith continued to cast glass and blow glass wherever and whenever she could. Now, having honed also her metal fabrication talents, the artist often combines glass and metal in her works.