Camilla Wills&rsquo\; work is concerned with mome nts of breakdown and convalescence. Interior or unconscious situations are projected onto dominant landscapes and gendered histories\, creating images of estrangement\, and of proximity. Recent works perform possibilities dee ply rooted in the personal sphere\, framed through errant readings of theor y\, and works of literature\, including authors Marie Darrieussecq\, Christ opher Isherwood\, Ian Hacking\, Elizabeth Hardwick and Walter Benjamin. The affinities and mutations experienced while reading also become productive &ndash\; when a text is understood the reader necessarily alters it and is altered in the process. \;


For POST intimacies and m oods are captured in blunt\, material foil molds\, repeated as decorative t ableaux\, or historical metaphors. Photographic\, textual and drawn element s are collaged in photoshop and printed as fabric posters\, presented as mi se-en-scene snapshots animating the figure of the hostess among other chara cters. The work builds up neurological chains and connections\, dissolving and resynchronising the world in an affective way.


Camil la Wills (b 1985) lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include&nbs p\;Notes on Neo-Camp\, Studio Voltaire\, London\; \;On ne connaî\;t les chiffres que d"un cô\;té\; du plan\, Art 3\, Valence\; \;Sunbathers\, 1857\, Oslo andAutomatic Writ ing/Instant Publishing\, ICA\, London. In 2011 she completed the maste rs programme at Piet Zwart Institute\, Rotterdam and she currently works in the editorial team at Book Works\, London. \;

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