Artist Stephen Eastaugh comes to Redfern this week with artw ork and a new book. \;

Born in \;Melbourne\, \;Aus tralia \;in 1960 he\, explicably\, has two fathers. Both were sailors a nd &ndash\; both &ndash\; were either the cause or inspiration for \;Ea staugh&rsquo\;s self-diagnosed disease: an unremitting\, uncontrollable and incurable need to travel.

In the guise of artist-as-raconteur \, traveller-as-artist and lost-confused-and-fuzzy\, Eastaugh&rsquo\;s limi ted edition book\, \;Unstill-Life\, \;explores \;three decades of travel and art on the road and \;was written at Mawson Base during t he Antarctic winter of 2009 \;while undertaking his third stint on an&n bsp\;Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship courtesy of the Australian Antarc tic Division. \;He currently moves between \;Australia\, \;Arge ntina \;and &hellip\; elsewhere. \; \;

&rdquo\ ;I have heard the term &lsquo\;The Ice gets into your blood&rsquo\; from nu merous polar characters on many icebreakers in the vast Southern Ocean. Aft er a considerable amount of time working in \;Antarctica \;I believ e that this is one reason why I travelled far north to attend two art resid encies. I very much craved more ice and more barren landscape and I also wi shed to introduce my partner to the white worlds of the high latitudes.&nbs p\;Upernavik \;in north-west Greenland (Kalaallit Nunaat is the officia l name of this northern autonomous country) and \;Hafnarfjordur \;o n the west coast of Iceland were the two locations that lured me as they bo th had the potential to quench these icy landscape desires of mine."&n bsp\;

These small paintings are a selection of Arctic works th at skate about topics such as &ndash\; long dark winters\, moss and lava fi elds\, hunting seals and nawhal\, new geothermal landscapes and the manner in which the new Christian faith has basically buried most Innuit tradition al religious beliefs. Somewhat exotic themes but I do hope that I have some how made these foreign views a little familiar or perhaps even intimate in a kind of frigid\, hand-stitched mixed-media manner.

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