Ingo Nussbaumer is not only proficient in absolute geometry\ , it is also color that appoints his artistical and theoretical work. There is no way of avoiding Goethe\, who speaks in his theory of color about the aesthetic and moral effect of color. Colors are able to record and express the vaguest and the strongest movements of the soul and simultaneously the y claim dedication to the depth and to the abundance of their character. Th eir area stays mysterious and unseizable.


Galerie Hubert Winter wil l present new works by the Viennese artist Ingo Nussbaumer: four paintings\ , four watercolors and a staggered object. The last one  mentioned consists of seven panels. It is titled „Bild-Abnahme“ (picture-abatement) and relat es to Jaques-Luis David´s „Oath of the Horatii (Le Serment des Horaces)“ fr om 1784 (Louvre\, Paris). This is the first part of a larger project that t he artists calls „Die Befreiung der Horatier“ (The release of the Horatii)“ . Ingo Nussbaumer focuses on the geometrical composition that was developed in the French Age of Enlightment and expresses the beginning to autonomy o f geometry in paintings.  (please compare to Hans Körner\, Auf de r Suche nach der ‚wahren Einheit‘. Ganzheitsvorstellungen in der französisc hen Malerei und Kunstliteratur. Munich 1988)


The watercolors ar e from the series „Kaspar Hauser’s Versuch die befohlene Tonlage zu torpedi eren“(Kaspar Hausers´attempt to torpedo the ordered theme). It is the sente nce that Kaspar Hauser was taught by the stranger who kept him „A söchtener Reuter möcht i wern\, wie mein Voater gwen is“(I want to be a cavalryman\, as my father was) that became for him a universal applicable explication\, usable for various meanings. Ingo Nussbaumer modulates the theme figurativ e on the basis of a leading structure.

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