POST is an exhibition series for which the invited artists s end the works and materials by post. The staff at Kunsthal Charlottenborg i s responsible for installing the exhibition following the artist's enclosed instructions. The exhibition series started 1 February 2013

Wal ead Beshty is the third artist presented in the exhibition series POST.


In his early works the theme of ‘in-between ness’ is literally represented in the sites he chose to photograph… depicti ng locations trapped in a state of geographic and temporal limbo\, neither fully abandoned\, nor actively integrated in the urban context. More recent ly\, this engagement with the in-between has grown into a means of producti on\, making use of such mundane procedures as air travel or sending a packa ge\, activities that usually recede into the background of an artist’s prod uctive life… From his early inquiries into the problem of photographic tran sparency\, the means of production and how the work enters the world has be come a chief concern.” - Jacob Fabricius\, foreword to Natural His tories (JRP|Ringier\, 2011)


For POST Walead Beshty developed a new project that\, in addition to being sho wn in the exhibition hall\, will take place in the offices of Kunsthal Char lottenborg and at the Art Academy\, on the other side of the yard. Using ha ndbills and posters scavenged from his neighborhood in Los Angeles\, Beshty plays with how global themes that are as pertinent to Los Angeles as they are to Copenhagen (the credit crisis\, unemployment\, and predatory loaning practices)\, are expressed in the vernacular of the local\, in forms that are sometimes only legible when taken out of context. Taking the term “post ” as his point of departure\, Beshty uses “postings” or public solicitation s\, to explore this question of the local. The paternalistic tone of voice present in the signage is drawn into conflict with its new surroundings\, h ighlighting the fragility of its own authority as much as those of the voic es that are native to its new context.


Walead Beshty (b. 1976\, London\, UK) is an artist and writer working in Los Angeles\, and Associate Professor in the Graduate Art Department of Ar t Center College of Design. Recent solo exhibitions include\, Travel Pi ctures at Thomas Dane Gallery\, London\; Securities and Exchanges  at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art\, Beijing\; A Diagram of For ces at Malmö Konsthall\, Sweden / CA2M\, Madrid and PROCESSCOLORFIELD at Regen Projects\, Los Angeles\; am ong others. Beshty’s work is included in many public collections including The Museum of Modern Art\, New York\; The Guggenheim Museum\, New York\; Th e Hammer Museum\, Los Angeles\; The Museum of Contemporary Art\, Los Angele s\; and The Whitney Museum of American Art\, New York\, among others. Besht y is represented by Regen Projects\, Los Angeles\; Thomas Dane Gallery\, Lo ndon\; and Galerie Rodolphe Janssen\, Brussels.

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