The public launch of the Irish Skin Foundation has been orga nised over a six-week period commencing with the opening of an art exhibiti on\, the subject of which is SKIN.

Introducing the Irish Skin Foundation to the public through the medium of art has been motivated by a number of factors. Skin is the most painted\, the most photographed and th e most sculpted organ of the body. But perhaps the most remarkable function of skin is its fundamental role in shaping how we feel about ourselves and others\, its role in the making of our personalities. Our skin not only mo ulds our bodies\, it shapes our personas. Diseased skin can act as an inhib itory barrier\, whereas beautiful skin can be an enticing interface between the microcosm of self and the macrocosm of the world.

The ex hibition\, SKIN – an artistic atlas\, curated by the Director of the Royal Hibernian Academy\, Patrick T. Murphy\, touches on some of the most dominan t themes that skin invokes\, such as race\, gender\, age\, decay\, disease\ , texture\, identity\, eroticism\, race\, adornment and display. Ranging th rough photography\, painting and video it promises to be a challenging and stimulating exhibition.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a full colour catalogue published jointly by the Royal Hibernian Academy a nd the Irish Skin Foundation.

LOCATION:Royal Hibernian Academy\,15 Ely Place \nDublin\, Ireland SUMMARY:SKIN\, an artistic atlas\, Robert Ballagh\, Cecily Brennan\, J. Con nolly\, Barrie Cooke\, John Coplans\, Dorothy Cross\, Marlene Dumas\, Gwen Hardie\, Mary Kelly\, Byron Kim\, W. Kirwan\, Sigalit Landau\, Robert Mappl ethorpe\, Shirin Neshat\, Nicholas Nixon\, Dennis Oppenheim\, Phillip Pearl stein\, Cara Phillips\, Jessica Robbins\, Ariana Page Russell\, Andres Serr ano\, Jeanne Silverthorne\, Spencer Tunick\, Hannah Wilke END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR